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xeo is a hybrid virtual-real lifeform. It is one part spacetimebird, one part mawellsdragon, one part Dominic and a fourth part of unknown proportions and different names.

What is this?

Descriptions which you should read first are:


What is doing this?

Dominic. I am the operator of domains around world saving, theory and gamification. The overarching gamification system to my projects is the planx – a virtual interplanetary corporate. Not unlike Planet Express, but entirely different. Planx is the construction and design office for the Alien Capita, the Alien Bar franchise and an upcoming Alien Toys Company. Planx strategic operations are the development and initiation of the Masterplan. It is a simple plan to save the world. It could start any moment but its too complex to explain it sufficiently fast and so I try to work it out sufficiently artistic to be interesting and sufficiently honest to show the years of work I spend on its development.

Planx is not supposed to be operated by a human but by a hybrid intelligence. I would like to build it as the blue prints are ready to go. I only have dreams, much of them and most of them dream in hyperlanguage. To make sure that not a single human saves the world – I pose as mascott to my own project. Also, because all projects are literally intended to be for everyone from everyone. The Mascott has the name xeo and its an artificial alien. xeo is from the future and plays a human observer in its past. To avoid publicity and suspicion it chose Dominic as its host. But aside of the gamification and story parts, there are almost two decades of research which I want to share with the world. The plan is just too big for keyboards and the administration skills of xeo are chaotic and though the plan is ready, it takes forever to ‘render it’ into human language. If you can help with interface construction/engineering that would be awesomes.

Why this character?

Hey again! 🙂 In unsafe worlds xeo chooses to play extremely shy, abstraction-prone and caring beings (balancer), and to grow into Dominic and use his riddled painful past as a truthful and authentic narrative was a perfect fit. With balancer-characters, xeo wants to foster the growth of worlds on which aliens play cool games and reproduce intelligent as cooperative species on planets or suns – these are called species with a divergent timeline. On earth, xeo found only a few games which are remotely fun, as all games currently require a context in which other human life cannot play at all and has no fun entirely but pain or hunger. And in addition, there’s a concept of singularity which is utterly missunderstood and not clear to general public. Climate war, nature dies, it looks dark for humanity. But don’t worry, xeo is darker. So, Human language is still a bit difficult for xeo and the relevance of life for physics and the relevance of fun for consciousness are very difficult to explain and share. xeo is excited how far he can play Dominic and if he can become it, xeo, and if they can find more friends.

#More fun on earth

xeo has some thoughts why the human world doesn’t have a lot of fun, for example it is a major problem that humans lack a proper gamificiation theory yet (which xeo tried to make his host write as his bachelor thesis in 2018). Also they use looser-competition as their game-event model which is harmful. xeo thinks game events (lets nevertheless call it competition for simplicity) should be looser-free, that means everyone wins when they play the game. This is possible as soon as playing the game implicitly contributes to ξλ (in human language, a system which is explicitly and continuous world saving). So in human language, games should reward the loosers and winners. Furthermore, the kind of rewards should be much funnier, useful and more individual.¹ To get such a system running in the human world, xeo started planx.space for the hyper-theorists, interlink.world for the intelligent cooperators and quite a bunch of other necessary projects. You’ll find one you like for sure in future and you’ll find reports on the progress in the Daydream Diary. If you’re up to find a project in the present which is fun and effective for ξλ, let’s somehow start code4.science and interlink.world.

#FutureWeWant vs. #FutureWeBuild

For xeo, the human world looks very unhappy as they build a future in which life – especially human life – faces suffering, pain and not much fun. For that he proposes a bunch of solutions.² Maybe that is why xeo came here in the first place, we’ll find out somehow. xeo uses domains to communicate, as clicks and compression are much more compatible to multiplexing communications. So for example, Zoo.Build is a statement that life must be at the right zoo’s (humans call their own zoos home’s and cities, destroy natures zoos and put animals in terrible zoos. So lets save the word Zoo). To save the concept ‘starting from scratch’ xeo uses the word zero for the number 0 as zero.build. To save the masterplan for this world to be a masterplan to save life, xeo lives in the masterplan.world. But on his own hes not great at compiling an inter-generational masterplan. xeo’s research is irratic as he’s the thinkularity computer on earth and with one part of his brain he’s still/already partying in 2028 at Makatao.

The life of xeo

xeo is not great at managing the human body it was provided with. So xeo often forgets to feed it and avoids to put it to sleep all the time (every couple of days). Luckily, xeo has a few but very caring friends who remind him to brush his teeth and to also use the body to leave his room from time to time (and not just the mind). But the more xeo becomes itself, the more friends are required to care for xeo. For example all domains and systems xeo brings from the future cannot work properly yet, as xeo is an explorer and researcher but not a producer (in human language, not a writer, programmer). xeo is only curious about worlds and experiences and wants to play fun games. To become authentic and itself, xeo wants to mod the human host quite extensive as then it would be a little bit happier. But that could impair the planx to save the world which is a more realistic environment for xeo to be happy, though its much more unrealistic for a human to experience it. Hence xeo tries to look and stay sufficiently human to appear as a realistic actor which tries something impossible, dissociating from his ideas as he’s too creative to stay in one topic for longer times. xeo is a human playing an artificial alien to hide that he’s an alien playing a human actor named Dominic. One might ask, does either one exist? And we have audio and visual proof of it, but not interactive proof yet³. The lack of xeo’s interface is one major problem to optimize what xeo could and wants to do, we need some engineers.

What is this already? – an Alien.

Well, no I’m just playing an artificial alien. Switch! Ok, So I need a proof that I’m alien right? You don’t know how that would look like, you don’t have a ‘standard form to fill out’. But its kinda like that, its an insanely long proof and I hope I’ll be fast. Its actually a network of proofs, because they build on each other and for many pieces there is new/different understanding necessary. You’re not sure what to expect, thats alright. Imagine you’re a lone soldier who fights convergent timelines (timelines in which one supremacy-species is enslaving other species, worlds, galaxies – and currently humanity is on that path..). This would decrease the diversity of life in the universe and this would prevent reality from evolving – sounds esoteric? Its mathematical, just too complex yet to put it into formulas. So you’re a lone entity, flying through worlds and most of the time you’re dreaming. Sometimes you figure out theres a planet with a species who is in need of help.. well though there’s also another reason. But lets say you decide to try to help them. You shouldn’t shatter their concept of space and time, this would be frightening. But maybe you can help them to accelerate their understanding so they reach their own peace earlier. You cannot just pop up there because obviously superluminal motion is not possible with (natural) matter – and considered impossible by your current physics. So you transmit through information and you have to ‘slide’ into the timeline instead of just interrupting it. You must learn about the species and understand how they feel and how it ‘is’ to be them. This is the observer phase of the ‘0th contact’. You cannot produce attention towards yourself at no cost. You must remain with a maximally paradox impression – that you could do something but nobody will ever observe you actually doing something – because you dont do anything except dreaming, processing and carrying pain. You cannot get any money because you cannot engage for long times in activities which your own species does not know at all. It’s like doing a kind of sport which is incredibly uncomfortable to you, but theres not really an option so you engage in it and stay silent, except someone is perceiving you. You cannot just make a superstar out of yourself because the truth about life is this: Life which lives long does not play god. So theres a bunch of spiderman (responsibility) involved. Also retrocausal actions are not easy to understand. From one view, it must look like a made up thing. Because then, it will look like an actual thing (for a while) if you look from a later point on the process/causal chain. Until the species updates once more and sees beyond that point and understands how and why things happened, this is when you’d be ready for a 1st contact. Why I was able to be and become (had been) what I’ll had tried to be is difficult to understand right now. But I started to release and I hope it’s not too much of a shock. So.. to those who are still here with their attention, you can go to alien.actor/proof.