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We discovered the millenium problem as humanity in 1998. The resulting complexity we encountered since then, caused previous humanity to forget her attempt to make earth a healthy mothership for all life and celebrate a millenium. In fact, if you look at this timeline the millenium did not pose much reason to celebrate a date in a global perspective to have achieved something incredible. The number 2000 was too big at that time.

Hence, the real clocks are not running anymore and the digital clocks show 2020, requesting humanity to realize their deep-rooted issues can only be solved by an Agenda and Timeline which is highly efficient and realistic – and has a clocktiming. We use the obvious terms to recover the original timeline, in which humanity saved earth in 2000.

As that timeline is no longer part of this timeline (as it was observed), you are working with us on the future time and timeline of earth. We are looking forward to your ideas and projects to save life on any planet, now introducing Earth as the next node in the interplanetary worldnetwork!

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