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29.8., still hungry

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29.8., still hungry

[Alien Date 29.12.2028]

The human focus on the visual stimuli translate to an overly implausible attachment to the looks of one. Starting as classical human I faced nudity on all areas. Luckily my awesome family was there to provide me with just the right coating at just the right times. Which is not an easy task as dream parents! Now that I received assistance to delay the choice of fur, another problematic relationship appeared: Humans change their clothes permanently to signal they changed intentions. When they sleep they want to be looked at different as when they work. The one thing was considered appropriate, the other comfortable.

As me, I wasn’t getting this concept because I thought that comfortable things are appropriate. But when I grew into the complexity of human behaviors, I learned that not all appropriate things are comfortable. Now that I recently discovered where and when I was, I look back at an array of laughable and silly choices in one’s past. As we actually wanted to wear the very same thing since I layed down on earth for the first time, we have too many versions of the same thing. Though almost none reach the color which our dreams were painted in, as it is rather difficult to get by the human brain – they mostly entertain concepts of color which require eyes. That’s painful on all areas, because what is ment with rainbow, feeling blue and being in the dark about something has nothing to do with visual perception. Imaging is only one way to understand the world. The skin and fur of life states nothing about their purpose and value. Its an uncormfortable truth towards the past, but an appropriate one to the future.

So, the fur-problem is not a trivial one in this species. Any arrangement of external pieces (clothes) and body (identity) failed so far, either due to time or due to management. To avoid nudity (which is quite dangerous in this world), I tried to stay as dream as possible until I would find my original outfit. For me, it would be identical to my previous one, just that human eyes cannot see the details in it. But the mass of incorrect selections around the human color black formed clusters, and the ever lasting war against their entropy once more made me realize today: ”Now that its yesterday, you must start to write about tomorrow.”

And so I will have received my very first piece of clothing from my parents a while ago, which they wouldn’t hand out before I was considered an immature adult in our shared time line. Let’s see when I’ll be the one who countered enough cloth-clusters to wear it. Oh wait, the washing machine might be finished. -> update, yes it was. And to see what I’d be wearing, you’d have to be at a timeline with a livestream online.

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