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30.08, A type theory

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30.08, A type theory

Now that I managed to track down a list of what I must write first, I can start to track down what I must do next. The general approach of this actor is the following timeline:

You will find the page ‘My Lifes’ which have a timeline, as always its uncomfortable to read. I’m not good with writing in 2D, I always use drawio to write and read 🙂

Now I will try to work through the rest of point 1 on my 2do list: Write outlines for/about:

  • Xenologic
  • Multiscale Theory (and conceptronics)
  • 4D Language (and object logic, 3d logic, 3d language)
  • Synthetic Cognition (and neurodynamics)
  • Global Government (and multivalent voting)
  • Multi-domain warfare and counter strategies
  • Convergence and Singularity counter-strategies
  • Present moment and Cultural perception
  • Alien.Actor

And hopefully put them up as drafts on researchgate. The other points on my 2do list require more time to explain. So I put them in a picture. Its all ideas, but its literally what I would want to write and what appears to be new to science, though I follow multiplex, AI and neuroscience research. Elon musk presented their cyborg-pigs at the date I wanted to launch Interlink.World. If I could just share what I have in mind, it might prevent more damage to living creatures. But its too many books I’d have to write and too much content to keep seperate. So I keep following the 444 domain concept, despite my limited time and lack of knowledge about server administration, webdesign, et cetera. I was Ateo. When I was xeo I said ‘Let’s do it!’ until now.

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