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3.9., Caught in Future (of econ)

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3.9., Caught in Future (of econ)

A recent surge in communication and contacts prevented me from keeping the loop in sync with time. But as I published in advance, I should have 1 or 2 exceptions for the other way around left.

Right now I work on the graphic below about economics, while watching a stream and writing the text below the graphics about future economy steming from my view about the future of economy:

Towards an Economic Architecture

We need a neutral modeling environment for complex systems, 
otherwise the discussion cannot be put into examples and remains 
theoretical. We must not focus on ‘The’ next economic architecture but on the properties ‘any’ economic architecture of the future requires. E.g. it 
must be

•valid •functional •accessible •actualizing •sustainable

​Economy as concept is rooted on parametric calculus to quantify human 
contribution to society. We need a polyparametric multimodal system to 
account for diversity and variety of cultural interaction. As such we must look for a ‘language’ and ‘interface’ to keep our theories and arguments about economy always connected to the resulting models we implicitly want to outline or foster. There are not only parametric dimensions but nonparametric influences and sensory data which must be integrated and contained in economic architectures. As such we need standardization of polyparametric input and frameworks for continuous update and upgrade capacity of the architecture.

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