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4.9., Me and Multiscale Progressing

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4.9., Me and Multiscale Progressing

I added the section ‘Narrative‘ as a sober perspective on myself, and will develop the section on ‘Masterplan‘ to hint towards the other domains I work on and produce. Also I shared this domain publicly for the first time, increasing the pressure to work out all my present projects and account for too many errors in writing, linking and layout.

Life produced us.

Gitta Peyn

Life produced us – and the consequence and reason is a purpose. Referencing a convergent approach to re-shape language (FORMWELT) I see myself as a producer of network and system designs. As such, interfaces are required which I try to explain and sketch. This implicitly makes me appear as interface-designer (e.g. on Interlink.Life and boot.science), yet my thoughts and language are very linked to the virtual realm and as such face difficulties with contemporary engineering and programming. I perceive the world as dynamic multiplex system and our common ground must become a language-based unification as diverse species. Only a common fundamental will allow synergies of human-cooperation. I argue that we have not yet experienced what that actually translates to, some popular examples which I use to make clear my perspective:

The WirVsVirus Hackathon (https://wirvsvirus.org/) in March 2020 (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/WirVsVirus)

Main problem: It stopped. It should be happening right now (still) and have a strategy for the future. It must have a roadmap to increase participatory engagement of civilians and make transparent their software usage, development and best practices (provided in contexts of tutorials). It must aim for the #FutureWeWant

The construction of the Huoshenshan Hospital in China, starting 23rd January and completed 10 days later on 2nd February 2020. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huoshenshan_Hospital)

Main problem: The government. It is able to coordinate and realize complex actions which allow very efficient implementation of goals. However the organizational structure lacks a concept and interface for individuality, ultimately neglecting the human right to express opinion and have a voice but also omiting the greatest source of innovation – you and everyone else.

I want to create something new because I saw too much what does not work and researched enough to know what is missing. As I look at the world from a virtualized perspective, I would refer to myself as meta-model engineer or multiplex architect, as that is what I do every day (quantifiable since February 2020). We need time-critical solutions which have a reference to the present moment – a timescale which can serve as reference and entry-point to understand and deconstruct complex strategies, systems and models. But this must be realized on multiple layers which are dynamically entangled and as such are difficult to put in models which are easily explainable. Only with a self-referential origin, a solution can enable anyone to learn about its inferences and conclusions and why and how they were decided on. Democracy is not a Yes/No issue, as well as climate change and saving the world. Their underlying concepts outreache by far our current systems and concepts as they must become continuous transparent and participatory aspects of our culture. What the original intention of democracy was in my opinion, is to allow everyone their voice in the creation of civilization and her culture which we shape, provoke, dream and build together by our local actions.

The capacity and access to visualization of complex dependencies is a necessity to understand multilayer networks and complex networks of networks (multiplex) in order to build the next generation of (digital and hybrid) infrastructure. As only then, humans can be enabled to observe and understand their local and global interconnections. Only from there, a world-view can emerge that does not neglect aspects implicitly, as we run systems nobody agreed on implementing or booting who is currently alive. We look at nationality and culture as fixed concepts, but if we really want to carry them into a future we must allow them to evolve and adapt to globalization. With interconnection and transient self-awareness we’ll transform static concepts into engines for change instead of perceiving them as barriers preventing our advancement as a cultural species. The apparent paradox of letting go structures to give them new stability is an issue we all face in a phase of fundamental transformation.

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