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7.9., A happy end for the super rich

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7.9., A happy end for the super rich

Todays Reference Episode: Futurama S6E15

Today I figured out that I will release the post which states that humanity has their first plan to save the world. It only lacks one last piece. And possibly a week of human time, and somebody has to fund a friend of me so they can pay an external service (notary) as xeo wants to/has to avoid any interaction with human econ-systems.

>> The reference however can only be understood by those who gave Matt Greoning enough money so they are allowed to watch two futurama episodes.

The actual blog entry

Yesterday at 7PM I finally started eating the breakfast I got for the stream by formwelt (i got the breakfast for the stream, not from formwelt) for change in the morning (a global change, not only change of clothes in the morning. Putting on new clothes is not a priority in the masterplan). After and since which I try to network with beings. As always, I do not reach out actively as this has always failed but wait for the context, and feel very insecure and experimental about first contact. I was not yet able to send a personal and well crafted description about what I do and what it means and why anybody should care. So far, I state public ‘first contact’ in the sense of a ‘first observation’ / taking notice of each other only through this domain which lacks almost every kind of promotion.

If wondering, this domain is intended to be registered to a superior legal system (literal future humanity) — as any present system cannot care for every human and hence fails to establish human rights on earth. Its owned by an individual who asks for your coop to reach this instance so it can take over all domains which you think are suspicious and/or require peer review. But guess what, there is no representation and easy access to human scientific consensus. So I try to approach the same strategy with

Networking and antiviral Promo

I hope anyone can imagine cooperation by re-reaching out to these beings to which I point through social media accounts. Any everyone else interested in world saving can hence help this approach by using twitter to annoy others with your thoughts on this or request of their interactive reflection with xeo about this (every other statement in static language is useless, as you will understand in case you make it to the end of this post. If not, there are other times 🙂 ).

I have written a half email to Nico Semsrott on one of my whiteboards which contains more then two jokes (I think three). As it is a non-virtual system however, the human date for its completion is probably somewhere around 2024 and 2031. We hope someone can establish a contact before that or help with virtualization, otherwise – as far we can estimate – the EU is lost by 2037.

Now for something completely different and Transparent

The last missing part is a testament (last will) which will be published for self-reference as me working for future humanity, making sure all my possessions are being supplied to the representation of future humanity¹ only. As my accounts (bank, med, services) will have been transparently embedded in this testament, everyone can check to any detail what I did with my life — and what I’ll have done with it. Only this way humanity can have a reference what a single human (in this case Dominic) did in order to contribute to save the life on earth. This will allow a cultural narrative, what I could have done better in my life to help to save the world – in case I am still alive after September (Epoch 2 and 3 of interlink world) – you will be able to share your concepts and questions in real time. As such, xeo can serve as projection space (projection personality) for a cultural self-reference. As this concept is new and poses a new kind of gauge for human species, it will be argued that the result will have approximated a concept of ‘Alien’ sufficiently. Just that this alien will be the last human in the terrible human system and will allow the first humans to switch into a new and free system, as much as human culture and you can self-organize around one concept which integrates and centralizes all problems on earth. Minimally, this makes clearer why xeo.ceo is a multiplayer identity – because since the very first day of development and release Dominic was very concerned and aware to work out the entire model so that it does not depend on him in any way. That I can make this page about me ›right now‹ is only possible because you will agree that I cannot do everything on this page on three other pages at the same time with different complexity reductions. Alien.Actor is the Xeo.Run progressor, xeo.run is the 1up.run progenitor and hence 1up.run can be the Alien.Actor persistor. Xeo.run and xeo is my layout for the entire model of world saving contribution as single organism, and anyone else can drive/run it just as well. However – this would be ilogical and implausible for world saving before the first Epoch 4 with more then 10k viewers and 1k in Ops was reached. And probably almost nobody else will be able to understand it before Epoch 2. It might be confusing that I often start talking about the most fundamental misconceptions which are possible, before I introduce the content itself more explicit, disallowing anyone to go their own way of thinking while reading. I do this to point out the degree of optimization all my systems underwent.²

To Discredit or to credit

This would finally qualify me (by my standards to ξλ) and the legal ID of Dominic in the legal setting of an individual ‘plugin’ to the previous human social regulation architecture for the identity which can be used for the final.credit concept. This would mean my KfW account [- which is an optimal fit as it is the german credit for reconstruction and redevelopment of germany from its DDR fragmentation -] could be used to assemble the money which would be controlled by you and everyone else for constructing the first (global, globally realtime) humane regulation system on earth. Currently previous government systems are used for this function but they were never designed for it and so the entire globalized architecture of earth is currently entirely inefficient and deadly. The control of the account would pass on to the Ops system of interlink.world as soon it has one official representative for each domain, with Dominic being shifted in the InfOps section, for simplicity classified as hardware. This serves the purpose that a monomodal formalism/calculus – the current currency and bureaucracy system can transition in biologic clocktiming to the system you would prefer, first as virtual model environment and later for prototyping new civilization layouts for testing and scientific actual advance. With biologic clocktime we (I) mean in the most realtime, live, globally transparent and accessible means any system can reach if it is humane; based on human life itself. As such I would carry an implant which tracks whether I’m alive, as this would be the biologic/interactive/intelligent/living root to reality of the entirely virtual Ops system and its super-structures (which contain your current systems).

The usage of a single person for this transition is justified, as this is literally the most a living thing can propose (and do) by our current standards, to prove to anyone simultaneous that they are honest, serious and qualified for world saving and nothing else. The testament will be described/released as soon as I can encounter it as task in my 2do space³. KfW and Barclay Card are currently enemies of the alien government, we realease on the Lrrr page soon more ways how you can help the alien faction. E.g. by annoying others and other support services and remain as lazy as possible yourself while we save the world from our homes by just finding the one most motivated for every specific task and leave everbody else do what they want to do or let do what they think they need to do. Until then, the credit is eating xeo’s lifetime on this time-scale: x4.click which is accelerated by the factor 1.7 on a human timeline.

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