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8.9., Attack of the Neurons

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8.9., Attack of the Neurons

Today, 4 days and 4 months ago, I discovered the xenotuhedron. Its name is xeo, it was blue and it’ll have met you already in the future 🙂

Just a short word on-


Because attacking the Multiplex.One takes more time, the words are really short and the neurodynamic theory in natural language is once more delayed to future times.

Architecture classObservational Correlates/Dynamics
Biomorphic architectureA ‘living’ brain/physiology
Neural architectureThe neuronally affective and neuronal active aspects of the PNS and CNS
Neuromorphic architectureThe cortical substructures and sensory transmitter nodes, dendrite-cluster
Transition phasesNeurochemo-dynamics, electro-chemo dynamics and alltogether ‘axial neurodynamics’.
Sensory architecturesThe transmitter-node differences are fundamental to their internal representation; refer to the homunculus.
SubsystemsConceptual generations, internal feedback synchronization etc.

And aside of that, I worked on notion all day, and now I shall introduce a circular cheese construct to the upper tooth-system indeed.

Mind Noblesse oblige.

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