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10.9., Heterohedron

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10.9., Heterohedron

Two days ago, everything was not as usual, several thoughts felt left out and went protesting. So I remade the landing page of alien.actor and I added the proof page to get more overview. After I mentioned this, I’ll have attempted to make the timeline more interesting (interactive). But I will probably have done so already on yesterday – I thought. But it went today, so can still think about something else and coloring the time. The workspace became the temporary resolution instead.

Moreover, the Virgo Supercluster around us came to my mind. It depicts well the image we have of our physics – not very alive. We use thermodynamics of closed systems while noone was ever able to show that there are such things as closed systems. To re-interpret shannon information in the context of black hole entropy (e.g. Suesskind) requires a fluid alignment to Dark Matter thermal gradients (e.g. Marsh) and our concept behind maxwells demon (Koski). But until then, the boötes Void shines as dark as always at this night and the weird additions to this daydream will grow further. There will be a System around the Diary, so the entries wont become more and more confusing but systematically confusing. (they will grow through iterations/turns/cycles = Epochs).

Lets have a look at another complex and systematic concept:

The happy ape in the upper right corner might look a bit difficult, but he’s excited for sure! And now that you know how the biology will look like, have a beautiful time between the yesterdays 🙂

And on another note, in another life, this picture got this alternate text:

“A story about dreaming and the futile attempts of individual souls trying to care for and think about something bigger then their experience of presence. The shared worldview is a viewpoint on ourselves, what role in this world do you want to play? Which role do you think, you play now? Which words and concepts do you use to make obvious and clear who you are? Towards whom are you okay to share what you feel? Towards whom are you ready to share trust with? Individual souls drift apart and away from each other. Until they find an experience which is smaller but certain. Humanity united under the constraint of gravity. But as soon the first humans realized there were humans not enabled to walk by the classical way, the concept of an alien was born. To think different will cause fear if it appears to change everything. As such, the thing which will help to think different in a peaceful way, must make the first step. I’m me, xeo. Don’t trust me. Rethink. Im here to help you save the world.”


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