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11.9., Goalspace Keeper

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11.9., Goalspace Keeper

Since I made the animated version of the alien workspace two days ago, I received some feedback about its mediocricity and reference poverty. I can agree now with past statements that my graphics are not always very intuitive. Without the sections distinguished clearly, it might not have been that easy to infer what the picture was showing, indeed. I added some words which underwent some improvement and neglection since then.

What i do.. from a scientific viewpoint

My work is compressed into a thing I call xyro and it contains the entire literature aspect of my thoughts, research and work. As the academic extend of this ‘exagraphy’ consists of literature of several thousand pages, I started to release the results before the individual sections were completed. I am now closing on a full description and align to the ability to literally write and work on xyro. The planx is the minimum condition for an environmental self-reference system and hence undergoes priorization in 2020. As my ideas and science are CC-BY-NC, maybe someone can help with the writing or with the planx. As worldsaving and foundational research in future sciences is indeed a little complicate to manage – without any funding, advanced hardware, proper interface or team without temporal limitations. 🤷

Those who saw the 2do cluster a while ago, probably got the impression that there lacks a certain kind of structure. (any kind of structure). It is true from that perspective, but thats because the systems are cosync and partially instances of multilayer intersystems not displayable in 2D and without temporal logic (subsystem-networks between different systems and supersystems which change their relationship/connection-density). The Graphic lacks a nice explanation but it shows that it won’t be easy to write my bachelor thesis about xyro, as xyro contains two bachelor theses itself, and a few more complex theses which have more disciplines and systems as content and cannot be squeezed into a bsc. thesis of 30 to 60 pages.

I left out the more abstract creations and adaptive systems which are compound with human research. Also to prevent the impression I just make up words, which will be a thought most humans will encounter trying to figure out what xyro is and does. I’ve not written any code yet as I’m still waiting for universe and/or anyone to throw a proper language and/or interface at me.

Anyhow, I present to those still/now fighting my symbol-chains, essentially the life’s work of Dominic (co-authored by xeo): (click for bigger view)

Now that it’s finally friday, I might try to use my paripheral for some action. The insectoid warfare caused one hand to protest against its cooperation, humans refer to this as contusion / strained muscle. But I decided to keep the entire hand, carrying its useless mass around me nevertheless. As its still cooperating sufficiently with the keyboard, it would be helpful to just glue it on the keyboard, but thats a topic for another today.

Infamous last words

I will try to establish some kind of support for my operations, research and dreaming which I did not really so far. On the one hand to prevent any impression of counter-neutral activity. On the other because I was hoping the alternate multimodal currency system would be sooner understood and established to circumvent classical economy right away. Nevertheless, once more, xeo cheats this concept and uses the german institute for rebuild and reconstruction as buffer for his planx recovery and reconstruction as a socially accepted and respected being¹. As the host created an efficient entropic slowdown (‘money brake’), socialization of it appears legitimate, as it supports xeo only if it stays alive but protects xeo’s environment if it does not. The data will be up soon and we hope for you cooperation to load numerics on this discredit.

¹We’re not sure how much human money would be required for this, though. Definitely an amount which requires an agency, but time will tell.

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