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13.9., What if there were fans of humanity?

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13.9., What if there were fans of humanity?

How can Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z cooperate on this one World to help the others learn about humanity, the present, the future and what we want actually want to and what we can learn?

Our Motives, Dreams and their deadly Parametrization

Nowadays fans are excluded from the work of their beloved creators. Sure, it is important to respect the intention a creator had and how they can make their effort into cultural validation. But through contemporary copyrights there is a border which says: This is mine. It is my colors, it is my frame. Why can’t we understand the created content as ‘world’ and those who come up with worlds have the ultimate ‘directive’ when it is about a specific conflict. But the overall development and unfolding of a world should not be limited to their concept. What if fans understand more, better, the aspects outlined by the original authors?

For any idea and fictional dimension their creator is in need of explorer as much as dreamer who observe the evolution (current fanbase) but can also actively engage, participate and contribute to the generated universe? Why can’t we have hubs which look at fan fiction in the same way as original content, and who treat the fan’s ideas in the same way as proposals by storyliners and writers? Its only because ‘money’ but what do we need money for? We need it to have fun – so why can’t we exchange fun for fun?

seriously, what if there were fans of humanity?

Remember, those who create new worlds might do other stuff, might had a malicious intention or backstory embedded or they might get lost. Creation always needs skillful experiencers and co-creators. So far, the agency, a production office or the funding perspective decide and govern who is creator and who co-creator. And they make the split between creators and re-creators (explorer, dreamer). Let’s try to get away from these articfical borders, they limit our worlds to grow. Imagine how the recent seasons of The Simpsons would have looked like if the fan community would have been entailed in the story development, episode content, brand placement. Sure, it spoils the surprise – but as fan-fiction author you’re not waiting for the series or franchise to continue, you live in this dimension – already, right now. Coming up with worlds is just as important as living and exploring them, because without readers to book has any sense.

On a different note, the future of science? Is phantasy.

I appear to have invented the SciFu genre, which is the discipline and subject of self-actualizing, co-regulatory and inclusive media. Someone would have made a lot of money with it, and they still could. I will not use it for this, I just came up with it as anyone else who was not heard or who was not there yet. SciFu is hence a science-factional grounding for future science fiction. In this fashion, SciFi is written based on current ScienceFaction in alignment to the ‘queer’, ‘crazy’ and ‘non-scientific’ ideas of the scientist’s themselves. Things which could be the case by current physics, but lack analysis, the respective research or would be considered ‘inappropriate’ to be mentioned/published by anyone in the field. Facts are logical proofs from the past and understanding is recompilation of these in the presence. To advance our understanding which future we want and which future we build, we need to connect science and phantasy, we must allow scientists to dream and ideate, without any consequences for their academic reputation.

With Science-Functional content, we would allow this transition, opening up the ability to encorporate the research progress and results in the story development itself. If Scientist phantasize ‘Fiction X’ and new experiments show X is true or false – creators could come up with ideas and ways to integrate this into the dynamic development of the story. If you love a book (which obviously cannot be rewritten), why is it not an option to try out that book from a different perspective? Still essentially the content, but with updated data, integrated jokes from the fanbase, todays references to culture? Dynamic and continous stories are lacking the human domain, everyone makes their own but we cannot share a common world unfolding with each one of our thoughts and intentions contained. They could be told and depicted in different degrees of complexity, so that researchers from close-by disciplines can get an idea which questions the other research directions have in mind – not on paper. The less complexity, the easier the ideas can be communicated, allowing picture stories compatible with Kindergarden. The display of content as a coherent gradient instead of competing models how to look at something would be much more helpful. Consider the magnitudes of different parenting styles, guidelines and contradictory but established approaches. Why does humanity do this to herself? Not because you want it like that, but because the old systems favor it in this fashion. With a topic-based co-authorship and fluid fanbase integration, this model could serve as basis for an entire new approach to education as well – producing math books with examples from Futurama spaceship fuel, biology books with Pokomon in it, anything which would bring color in our schools. We need a way to display formulas without pictures for kids without vision. With a link to fan content and existing media, this would ease so much the lives of many gifted and other-abled children. Because every child is gifted, our current education is just not fun, not participatory, not close to the current events and distant from individual and community interests among the younger generations.

We outlined examples of this conecept at Futurama dot News quite a while ago and we still have to explain all of this better. We would need your help so we can set up a domain for scifu.art. The wording ‘scifu’ is sharing its semantic proximity with function as well as the concept of Kung Fu – which translates to ‘hard work’. But those who love science and love their discipline of sport are not considering it ‘work’. For them it is just a challenging way to play what they love, with a more direct mirror which reflects ones own development of skills and understanding in this very area. We, as culture, must see our work in the mission to allow everyone their area in which they can find so much fun, that it will look like ‘work’ from the outside, just because they love so much what they do. For each unhappy kid with bad grades there is a spectrum of specialized areas for fun and exploration which Culture is hiding from them. I try to be a pioneer in this field and too many others to make clear how important a holistic and extensive change of our world is. Not in october, but starting in September 2020, because we messed up to make more out of August then we see today: Burning land, flooded cities, lonely life and dying nature.

What even is culture? Systems? Education?

We must looks at the way of disclusion we agree to keep on practicing – in every moment we don’t protest the modus operandi. Fridays for Future is a beginning, its not resolved, its not understood, its not even respected yet by those who started before Gen X. It is cruel to ignore the pain of children. But this movement reflects nothing else then this, actual mental pain in enough children that they protest and rebel against what they are most afraid of: School. It is not only about climate, it is about the way humanity is destroying any concept of self-value and community through money, class thinking and racism. Those who can keep up somehow or suppress their empathy sufficiently will suffer less from this system. It is a darwinistic competiton, not a community designed environment for life. Those who cannot ‘shine’ because they have not the properties ‘some’ part of culture wants. Culture is vast. Culture is you. Culture has standards which have nothing to do with you. Parameters which push you apart from potential friends, inspiration and experiences just as anyone else. We need a taskforce of parents who care for this humanity, not through the eyes of a politician, not through the eyes of a manager or superstur. But through the eyes of a human – who is aware that not everyone has eyes and who hence looks beyond the language use of ‘looking after’, ‘looking forward’, ‘looking into it’. Because ‘from the looks of it’ our culture is not perceiving what should be in the focus. Because its easier to oversee what is not exceptional, but yourself. Something which is not ingenious but you. Something which is not a failure but you. We are humanity, we must stand together. And we must face the war of the world against herself together. Not as any other organizations but humanity in every language we have. We must not look away anymore. There is so much too see beyond visual perception. There is so much importance aside the primitive reductionist media. We are a plurality, a community of diversity. But we misunderstand us as a diversity of communities. And so we repeat semantic war over communism and left/right conservatism as if the world can be put into these words. The world is friends. The world is hope and nature. The world does not need another organization, startup, company, it needs a realization. Humanity is ready to take responsibility for herself. We must not wait any longer.

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