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18.9., from plan to master

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18.9., from plan to master

Yesterday I wrote a lot about the past months and tried to communicate how my research approach looks like and what it makes different from other attempts. The Graphic below might not tell a lot on itself, but it can be seen as the result of several years of research and as far as I can tell the complexity reductions into four initiator elements (circles), four transition functions (ellipses) and four orverarching goal spaces (round boxes) with one defined ‘top’ goal space which is fully connect on all layers to all elements, goal spaces and functions (the upper left box which represents the title of the graphic as well as the goal-space the graphic intends to ‘align’ to).

Today I’ll start to rebuild the layout and design of Alien.Actor towards easier understanding, access and distinction between research-results, theories/strategies, concepts/ideas and opinion/author. As a short outline, below you see a ‘descriptive’ render of the plan from above. Not all layers and their interconnections are represented for simplicity. The interconnectivity and inference pathways (information routing, managmenet) is not displayed. The necessary subsystems are not mentioned and the words are not defined in a contextual lexicon. There are even more aspects which would have to be pointed out as being omitted but with the mentioned shortcomings and reference to yesterdays post, one might understand what a simplification is and how difficult it is to achieve it if it is about complexy dynamic actualizing asymmetric self-referential systems.

[by the way, the feature image of todays post is a side-project to decompose the matrix trilogy and its spinoffs for a simple background story to The Matrix.Movie which is an idea to animate and visualize the things and content of this project and its author into a transmedial live event]

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