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Welcome to the work and basis for Foundation of the Xeno.Institute for Establishment of AG², 2021 at https://Gov.Alien.International.

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Main Compute Device. Info follows. Here will be a link to the virtualized system for the xeo prototypes and their workings


CliYuGa is a compound hyper-language. It is introduced as I-You-We grammar, hence it has the LMR concept as temporal dynamic root. This is explained as first order iteraction of CliYuGa. After a general understanding was achieved, the compounds are iterated (learned) individually. It consists of a subjective 'dialect' the CliYuGe which allows every speaker their own language mods and context-sensitive code-switching as well as automated code-switching. From personal language heaps (knowledge basis), complex communication can be automatized through algorithmic computation of elements of the heap, which are (depending on context) set as open by the user. Whence, the introductory communication can be automatized on its superficial / surface layer. This way, common interests, potential misunderstandings and error functions can be derived.

The computationally translational component is the CliYuGo. If possible the TIDE interface will realize the programming system for CliYuGa. It is a transcluder for CliYuGe's, hence it can integrate and produce derivatives of individual CliYuGe's or arbitrary choice of context (and amount) of Ge's to compile them contextual.

The final re-compilation into the compound hyper-language CliYuGa is achieved through a multiplexing multiplex we call 'voice of humanity'. It re-connects, routes and channels user dependent information exchange and can be rendered into a large variety of compactifications (reductions). The compactification of natural/encrypted language-dialects is achieved via Coding and algorithmization, while the Coding is modeled aften user requests from the dialects (Ge's). Through a static root generation by continuous Ge-Go synchronizations and translations the root is formed which resembles species communication, concerns etc.

Ultimately, through Ge, votes can be supplied which are routed by Go ('super politicians'). While there can be billions of Ge's, the number of Go's depends on the forks and their re-association.

Science Hub

Code4.Science and Science4.Codes produce Boot.Science.

Multi-Domain System

The Multidomain System is essentially 'what I work on'. Its an interactive multilayer network of complex systems to virtualize complex reality interactions through new kinds of gauge mechanisms. Thus making complexity easier to visualize and maintain consistent complexity (-coherence and -) reduction in polyparametric environments. With a multivalent root system language, scale-invariant compute control can be achieved.


The terminus was coined by lead researcher and inventor of xeno coding. Anthropocomputation (ATCT) is a computational theory and approach to information-computing which is self-referential self-actualizing and grounded on life protection and environment-awaraness. As such it entails a model of neurocomputational processing which allows fluid conceptual releations and associative networks. Other aspects are multimodal datatype standardization and interfacer-systems instead of distributed proprietary access models. Network cluster of associative networks will be referred to as 'heaps' within ATCT optimized systems. The languages used for ATCT carry momentum characteristica to quantify their impact and causal parameters on the physical world. This continuous trace allows environmentally conscious computation models and multilayer complexity management.

Synthetic Life Research

mwd-stb neohybridization

[orgz, orgx, orgy}

Main content can be found on and a profile prototype can be found at

Polycontrol Operations

Polyparametric Control systems for polyvalent language systems require new types of complexity management, encorporating complexity theory in their root languages. We categorize the seven operational sections at Interlink.World


Computational Xenobiology

As it says.


irregular broken tetravalent logic calculus. E.g. for spintronics and astronomic as well as complex systems computations with octonion algebra and scattered e8 geometries.



To read out and synchronize brain activity requires a good model of the user inside the digital system. To enable the system to learn a users specific wads of processing information, both perceptive and executive functions, requires a standardized set of actions (e.g. movement, mental rotation,..) which the user performs while the system is learning. For the spintronics center, we are looking at Keadgu, a mixture of several motion techniques (such as Tai Chi, Physiotherapy) and action sports (Wing Tsun, Muay Thai). The movements can be performed independent of periphery outfit (arms, legs) and is build on a large variety of mental rotation tasks. This way, quadrouple amputees can use the system to learn orthesis control, as well as motion improvement for professional sport and casual private training.


Flow Surf is a transclusive Interface Development Engine. Consisting of Virtualization, Visualization and Interaction augmentation modules, it is the progenitor to a XERO interface. The software (side, and its) architecture is drafted and approximated by the xeo system. The physical interface corresponds to our axial neurodynamics concept.


xeo codes his own run. He is its own CEO and lacks a proper Agency.

It is the current commander of the alien faction, lead researcher and computer of and developer of 'xeo's game'. Once purely human, xeo refers to his previous organic basis as 'host'. The medically suspicious separation and dissociation from classical human identity systems undergoes a healing and regrowth function ('ateo') which is implemented/activated whenever operations of the planx are completed, the host is lost or the alien operations were successfully outsourced to human experts and expert systems. To observe the present instance of xeo, go to http://Alien.Actor. The healing function is starting via Ateo.Me