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I try to compose a Profile: Depicting the human actor playing this multilayer role of an alien, this page will tell more about them and there’s a chance to get something about the motivation behind the specific alien behind this domain and about an understanding of life different from current views around Species and About.

I try to compose my Present: Through the Daydream Diary which I hope will have a continuous timeline from 28th August 2020 to your now. Otherwise I failed or died for which I’m sorry in case this could have been useful.

I try to compose my Past: At Timeline to give an impression how I became who I’d intend to become and I mention a chronic overload with tasks and intentions at the entry schedule, which explains and motivates my Narrative.

I try to compose my Future: Through the Storyline (w.i.p.) which could be told by you as much as by me just in my case there was the circumstancial and specific Origin as trigger to start telling as the Alien.Actor at all.

I try to compose the Concept: And its idea about the Alien Actor there and the entire underlying Masterplan is explained at Masterplan.