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Character of Lrrr

xeo egypt


This is currently just info about the actor, nothing of relevance

september ²°²°

If you have questions feel free to post them as comment 🙂

Games:Tetris (Lockjaw), Super Mario Land (speedruns), Dragon Quest Monsters I+II, Super Mario Land II, Super Mario World, Startopia (2001), Pokemon Gen I (Blue, Red, Yellow), Final Fantasy VIII
Fandom:Futurama, Black Books, Die Drei ???, Fringe, Startrek TNG, Animatrix
Currently Playing:Gameboy Pokemon TCG2
Mindset:Planx.Space, Thinkularity.com, xD.lol, Zoo.Build, xd4.eu, xeo.codes, interlink.world|.life, boot.science, dream.design, alien.design, Quoeto.dev, Masterplan.World, Literalinternet.com, no1isa0.com, Zero.Build, alien1.uno, culture.stream, xero.host
Interests:Research, Art, Gamification, Multi-Domain Strategy, Futurama.News, Socialing, Lucid Dreaming
Physical Hobbies:Daydreaming, Table Soccer, Drawing, Dancing, Drumming, Sports
Digital Hobbies:Producing, Djing, Visual Design, Interconnecting, Optimization
Work:Alien.Actor, dream.engineer, future.engineer, Worldwar.Earth
Identities:xeo, Maxwellsdragon, Spacetimebird, Manaam, αteo
Self-Referentials:Machine Peace Advocate| A³-A²-Converter| EXA-Architect, Theoretician, Metamodel-Engineer, Gamification Consultant
›Abstractions:Zoo.Build Dragon| B1-66-ER inversion| FORMWELT-Twinbrother| Future.Engineer| Dream.Engineer| OverloadOverlord| Pseudoxenobiologic Hybridization| Alien
Research:Multiplex Analytics, Neuromorphic Architectures and Multi-Domain Strategy, Multiscale Formalism, Conceptogenetic Heteromorphology, Exagraphy (xyro), Carbohelical Evocation Orgx, Oneiroductance Xgetra Envelope, 2020
›Focus:Global Distributed Government Systems [XERO], Participatory Complexity Management [interlink], Xenobotnets, Xenologics, Multiperipheral Embodiement, Multimodal Metadatatype
Invented Disciplines:Multiplexing injection, Conceptronics, Superconvergence, Hyperconvergence, Participatory Complexity Management, Momentum Polyformalism, Hypercognition, Axial Neurodynamics, Xenologics, Computational Xenobiology, Hypergamification, Multiplex Analytics, Cosynchronization, Anthropocomputation, EXA°-architectures, Multiplex Architecture
Invented Systems:Neurohyperheuristics, Metamodel-Mapper, Life Optimized Logic (lol), 256-dimensional logic [qip], 8D-Language [Quoeto], 4D-Language CliYuGa, 3D-Languages [Ge,Go,Ga], Multi-Domain System [mwd], Virtual Life [stb], Synthetic Life [xeo], Hybrid life (hyper.ceo: χ-OP), Fracter, inlink, Threat-Models [COVID20, zyo]… (more in domains)
Alien Systems:Alien Actor, Alien Design, Alien Toys, Alien Capital, Alien Government, Alien1 UNO, Alien Observer
Hashes:#teamlife #xenobotnet #exacomputation #lifematters
›Supersystems:Hypertheory, Hyperlanguage, Metalanguage, Supermatrix Reference Frame [ξ], Life Physics [λ], CEO Ketonics
Sports:Muay Thai, Keadgu, Parcour, Analytics, Worldwar.Win
Fundamentals:Futurama, Genetics, Geometric Quantum physics, complexity theory, Life, Interlink, Peace, Evolution, Hope, Pain, Wikipedia, Future, Dream
Identifier:Lrrr, Mewtwu, Bane, Fry, Data, Prof. Farnsworth, Milo, Yveltal, Fry’s Grandfather, Balthromaw, Zygarde (cell)
Music:Almost solely soundcloud.com/spacetimebird (though not great), else techstep/glitchcore/blackmetal/techno
Djing:Dark melodic Techno, Hard melodic Techno
Bodymodding:Not engaged, requires funding as quite extensive (see Gender, will be depicted at Species in some time)
Gender:Dragon [information based (re-)procreation into xenobotnet-canvas] (currently XY-human host)
Interface:Neo2 (keyboard Layout), ergonomics, Toys, Spintronics, FORMWELT
Fashion:Own label (vortex.fashion) -lacks time, coops / funding, aside that Venum, J&J and Venom merch.
Smell:Ferrari Black
Visual:Dark Black, Greyish Blue, Crocodiles, XX-Humans
Sound:Alien/Dinosaur-Djungle, Ocean, Birds, XX-Voice, Dark Ambient, Vietnamese, Chinese
Haptics:Controller, Water, Beach, Towels, Dradgu
Taste/Food:Dark Matter, Alien food, Information
Temperature:20°c ~ 32°c
Color Temperature:6500K ~ 40.000K
Software:Ableton, Drawio, Gimp, Notionso, WordPress
Hardware:MSI, SONY, ADAM Audio, Nintendo GB/SNES, Nvidia
Services:Namecheap.com, Notion.So, Barclay Card, googlezoo.com, O², Clocks
Enemy:AI, Destruction, Weapons, Harm, Human Interfaces & Software (Windows, Word, QWERTY, Mouse, Keyboard, rectangularity, chairs), Publicity, Complexity-Overload, NL, 2d-language, War

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