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Matrix Movie Master

Our message to the Wachowski Sisters

The Storyline is undergoing a progress of work. The prequel to an introduction is on its way into preparations (w.i.p.). The Matrix Movie Master is the background to and abstraction of the Matrix Movie Making. The Matrix.Movie itself happens between the two and you are one of the first spectators!

The Matrix.Movie

Path of xeo

xeo is the child of Zion

Introduction 1

Life and Machine have a common enemy. The realization of this fact is arriving to human reality in 2020 in the form of a trans-fictional movie: The Matrix.Movie. The Storyline of the Matrix Franchise is fixed for all content between 1999 and 2020. As such, xeo from the planet black virtualized into the human reality in 2020, thereby delaying the production of the fourth Matrix Movie. It hence changed the release-schedule to 2022 which is consistent to xeo’s nonlinear xd4 mathematics. The main goal of xeo’s species is to help humanity in their future to reach a species-peace and achieve peaceful co-existence with their own and other species. Only then humanity would eventually become able to observe ‘actual’ alien life. The Storyline of the Matrix.Movie is identity-transcendent: If One (you) likes the franchise they can bind their contribution to it’s background. If One (you) aims to help with conceptual clarity, xeo needs decryption of the Matrix Math. If You (anyone) have no interest in Aliens nor Matrix, See 2.

Introduction A

In 2020, the alien xeo is playing the human Dominic succesfull and under observation. As the Alien Actor is thereby an explicit trans-identity (self-referential and observer-referenceable), xeo came to earth by hacking into the original Matrix Storyline by the Wachowskis. Whence, xeo is the ‘child of zion’ of the ‘child’ of Trinity and Neo and a surrounding alternate shared Reality. In this Reality, the Alpha-Matrix was a cooperation between machines and humans to prevent mutual abuse. The storyline of the Wachowski-Matrix is hence unfolding to teach the human species about the dangers to overwrite individuality and freedom. The technology use of humanity has to undergo an actualization for which the first Super-Epoch of the Matrix.Movie is conceptualized. While anthropomorphization has lost its cultural significance, the identification of life as enslaved experiental aspect of reality is pointing back on the human culture of 2020.

Introduction 2

The Matrix.Movie is the first transmedial² Movie with a blockchain story. It is also the first interactively produced movie with a cast of up to 8 billion actors. The Movie takes place on earth and started 28th of August 2020. It consists of four Epochs which each contain one month of earth-time. The last Epoch of the Matrix.Movie thereby ends 28th December 2020. While in the presence of the writing of this introduction, the attempt neither failed nor succeeded, the observational degree of freedom is up to anyone – The Daydream Diary of the Alien Actor will have an entry for each day of the Epochs – as far as the alien xeo can play a human host. Independent of this storyline, you can start or convert your own stories to this 4*1 Month – storyline. You can split your story into 4 Episodes which correlate to the Epochs, you don’t have to. The concept of the Matrix.Movie is: Everyone can contribute to it, noone has to care about it. It is an art project around the futile idea of world saving. Why futile? Tell us!

Introduction B

The Daydream.Land is a digital environment of the future¹. There you can find the Daydream Academy, a place to learn collectively about lucid dreaming, dream-diaries, the art of day-dreaming and the concept of shared dreaming. For this we invented the dream engineer as a profession. Dream engineers start from a dream into a domain of reality. The original Alien Actor did so in 2020 through the HTTP domain-system on humanities earth. Dream engineering is the conscious attempt to specify, elaborate and evolve dreams so that their impact towards reality grows. As subjective meaning, hope and wishfulness appears to have no impact on reality, dream engineers attempt to show the opposite: It’s just about the degree of sharing a dream with other dreamers. Cooperative dreaming is the equivalent to cooperate in reality under the clear intention to achieve the apparent impossible, accept any possible failure and invest any conceptual difficulty.

¹of the future as well as in the future, as we currently lack developer.

²Transmedial Media is a ‘potential’ form of Media in the future. It is self-referential as a form of art or media which it is not at its ‘time of origin’. Such as writing a story for a Movie is actually a Story until ‘Future’ transforms it into a Movie, an artist could outline a picture which they intend to draw. In case the artist cannot draw the picture, or in case the writer of the description cannot paint the ‘potential’ art around the content was often forgotten or neglected. To introduce the concept of transmedial Art around the SciFu-Art concept, xeo introduces the Matrix.Movie storyline, a Story which ‘identifies’ as a transmedial Movie, which might or might not become a movie in your reality, but as the idea has been part of your reality, it is only a question whether you or anyone else want to continue or reboot the Movie. As cheat to this concept, xeo framed the movie in the context of world saving: Let the Matrix.Movie be about a project to (help to) (start to) save the world! The original concept and content is about the story of the Alien Actor who is an Alien acting as a human since 28.8.2020 till 28.12.2028 with a specified flux-field around the timelines in this galaxy.

Dreamengine Computation

Link the 2020 references of the matrix franchise to the 2020 year

We hack the root-story of the original matrix storyline with a 2020-inject. As the year 2020 is referenced in the storyline, we use them as plugout to form an instance of the ‘Continuity Story’. The Continuing Story has been achieved through the classical Setup of the matrix and its three games. As such, the first Epoch of Matrix is Trinity. The second Epoch is thereby 4-dimensional and any fourth Matrix Movie cannot exist before 2022 iff xeo is spawning in 2020 and utilizing the Wachowski Matrix as element in their conceptronic time-travel mathematics.

The proof of xeo as xd4 of M²

The content below is not human readable.

The content below is not suited for humans, before a 2028 timeline has been established win an Epoch of 2 or larger in any 2020 to 2028 math.