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Matrix Movie Maze

The ‘transmedia‘ franchise ‘Matrix’ is well known to most current individuals in some way or the other. There are three movies in 2020, with the first produced in 1999 and the other four years later in 2003. There are three official games while One of them is and a number of comics rounded up by the Animatrix, an animated Movie.

Before 2028, in the first 2020 there were three Matrix Movies

As one or the other might noticed, ‘we’ are working on the preparations for the Matrix (dot) Movie. To avoid confusion, there are three official Movies in the Matrix Franchise, with a fourth Movie in Production as we write/read. For those not sure about their timeline, this is your past Matrix Franchise.

You can hence observe ‘The Matrix’, ‘The Matrix Reloaded’, ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ and ‘The Matrix Project Ice Cream’.

The Matrix Ice Cream confirmed.

With our approach we intend to contribute a now element of augmenting the transcendental character of The Matrix Concept — which was produced and ideated by The Wachowskis of course.

Beware the main Entrance!

(This is not a funny picture)

Don’t forget the main Actor!

(This is considered a funny picture)

So stay tuned for further Ice Cream and Matrix content!

By the way; this is the current process of decrypting the Ancient adjacent Matrix Scriptures: