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My digital narrative starts in early 2020. I’ve worked out and prepared since 2019 my ideas how we can literally save the world, i.e. how we can trigger a possibility that something is initializing one compound-event which will always keep connections between all the complex associated issues, systems and interests and represent any discussion and conclusion with time critical relevance about ‘world saving’. I spend my life with researching and learning the complex systems we use to regulate and with exploring alternative architectures which we would need to fairly and sustainably regulate civilizatory development and stability on earth. I was not able to publish the ideas of many years of research due to health issues and it aligns with the Pandemic crisis that I became able to share and communicate my thoughts. As such, you can skip to actuality as second order shortcut.

My biographic narrative starts in 1988, and my autobiographic narrative, the memory to be a conscious living being starts New Years Eve 1999. I wrote everything about me and my background into the pages ‘About Me’ and ‘Timeline’ and two hidden pages. Its not necessary to catch up to the actual narrative as mine has a self-referential origin. Its not necessary to trust or believe me, as I challenge everyone not to trust me and not to ignore me. I wrote everything to my best conscience and knowledge, I can supply any medical documents and will be available to public at any given time, as far I am given the chance to help to save the world. I am ready to take any amount of fault, hate and any concept of betrayal on me. If you know what I can do more or better, please share your opinion with me.

‘COVID-19’ – Corona Virus Disease from 2019 changed the 2020 world

Culture shifted focus on our inner workings and issues which were neglected due to a ‘moderate’ functionality of our world from before. The year 2020 has become the year with the greatest potential to reach humanity and individuals and as such I work on several hundred concepts and ideas, which might pose the impression of ‘quantity’ rather then ‘quality’. However the texting quality is not great mostly because I have problems with reading and expressing myself in linear layouts, not due to inconsistency of models. When I write or read I do so in Graphic programs as I need to displace and re-structure language. As I write beginning, middle and ending of thoughts often synchroneous the re-assembly is often edgy. Alternatively I write directly in wordpress (as a homepage has to remain in certain length-boundaries which make it easier to focus on one aspect) which poses a time factor to correct everything. As such, my domains often contain errors, an infantile perspective (an earlier layout of xeo) and often lack good formulations, sometimes they were not supplied with the gap-filling. The concepts behind them however stem from source-based research and synchronizing with activity and modus operandi to university in the fields of cognitive science and systems science. They all have a reason which might not show easily as the underlying architecture is adaptive and provides placeholders for many eventualities, e.g. that you or someone else want to go a different path or try another approach as the approach which was validated by many. To be able to reconnect multilayer activity and information exchange requires new processing systems, which is what I want to communicate with my 400 – domain -system and its strategies, the need to replace me as owner of this system with an intelligent software which manages complexity in ways so that humans can understand it, learn from it and educate it about themselves.


I want to propose code4.science as event to build Civilization.Earth. I published a few core concepts on Thinkularity.com, 2028.World and most recent ‘launched’ Interlink.World, what only means that there is now a graphic about the domains which I should have had worked on already but am limited to one human body (speaking from the masterplan’s perspective). The overview at Thinkularity.com/Overview might help to get an idea about what my work and ideas are about (mostly all the things as my specialization is about the complexity-theory based interpretation of the concept to ‘save the world’). As I spend many years thinking, dreaming, researching and prototyping on a virtual level, there are many areas I would like to share my contributions to and to which I appear to have something ‘to say’, after checking the current discussions in the field and general research directions.

I struggle to put myself in the focus and furthermore have difficulties to compose papers, as text-processing in limited environments is close to impossible for me (e.g. word/office). Whence I always hope for co-authoring or elaborating content with others to communicate the underlying thoughts better, with every author being co-author in an understanding of cooperative authorship. I think we can establish better systems -together- then the current economy, organization structures, education concepts and media of communication. For this I propose my ideas and words, essentially my life in best intentions to serve a future humanity. I publish everything under CC-BY-NC license, remain self-employed in a virtual system which has no capital influx or output. I approach financial doom, work instead of live since February but think we have enough models which we could have implemented in September 2020 already how to re-interpret our complex world and economy so that one individual would not have to make the choice between trying to do fundamentally good and risking their future. The development of World Models is a necessary step to enable culture a transition to a green and life-centered future, I offer the domains as respective proposals – in the sense that ‘we need this domain to show what everybody would expect there if we save the world since 2020 and this domain is officially associated to that approach’.

Why Alien.Actor?

The domain Alien.Actor has become the hub for my self-reflection and abstraction about my progress and work. The underlying concept might appear strange or unnecessary for ‘world saving’ but as my approach is not comparable to previous attempts (which have not had an aware multiplex architectural intention at their root) I must hint to the possible usefulness in other or future circumstances. I will always agree that many systems and ideas I publish appear without purpose on their own. It is only the multilayer connection in other system references and circumstances which can reveal and justify their relevance or fallacy clearly, which is also why I omit mathematics and physics mostly, as they are inconsistently used nowadays and wouldn’t serve anyone as the math we need for multiplexing analytics and participatory complexity management are not there yet anyways.

What I woud say and write books about if I were human:

Logic & Math

I developed a multivalent logic for life-aware logics and mathematics ‘LMR’. After successfully using and introducing it as mnemonics and connectivity technique, I advanced the logic into an irregular broken logic which in my opinion can spawn new kinds of language, intelligence and efficient complex systems modeling as well as their computation and optimization.

Language & Society

I use the concept I-You-We Family as root understanding about a civilized species, necessary for creation and growth of a community of diversity. The I-You-We concept and conceptual language / visualization system behind it stems from the usage of LMR as heatmaps for categorial complexity reduction and a consistent association calculus.

Life & Life science

Using xd4 as model logic for complex object logic I want to outline the connection of xenobot’s, their future development and impact on our contemporary concepts of life, intelligence, artificiality and synthetic life. I do this in a gamified arrangement, utilizing the terminus ‘Alien’ as the future theories and understanding about reality will indeed be very alien to our present world views. To use Alien.Actor as reference to myself stems from models how authorship can be dissociated and decoupled from individuals and their identities, as only this step can provide clear consensus and boot.science.

Singularity Protection

I postulate that technological singularity is equivalent to an end of biological life, individuality and cultural values. The current software-architectures used by large scale companies such as Nvidia, Google and others use languages of the classical chomsky hierarchical understanding of language. As such, these languages can never keep track of the importance of life and her difference to data. I argue that we need new and more intelligent programming languages and that current AI research is a fallacy which destroys or disallows privacy as well as humanitarian values.

Complex Communication

The complexity of global human activity outperforms any individuals brain capacity to keep up with. We use the projection models of politicians and superstars to reduce complexity and partially to cope with the individual pain that they cannot engage in their talents to the same extent that they have an influence or impact. Human communication systems cannot keep up with human cultural need for self-referential language. We are a species, we are all designing and shaping our future. We all lack abilities to express that we do not want to kill and only fight for what we think is right. The usage of previous words such as socialism, left, right, capitalism, communism does not help! We need a different concept and a different way to communicate! We must agree that killing someone right now is not an option. And we must distribute the ability to make this decision across all layers of our interconnected world.

Gamification & Design

I think play and fun are necessary conditions for healthy interaction. The current human concept of Maturity and Adulthood is not compatible to an authentic life-narrative. Human suits are uncomfortable and look like the costumes of TOS characters. Humans are life and they are physiologically incompatible to rectangular designs. Chairs, Screens, Tables, Smartphones, all of them have designs for low cost in an economic system which lacks any sign of intelligent architecture but is maintained by intelligent operators which make it appear functional and operative. It is in fact source of death and life, currently the former and with better callibration and gauge it can become the latter. But to gauge polyparametric systems based on multimodal logic is difficult. We are smart, we can do it – if we do it as human science and management, not as brand or organization.

Conscious Leadership

We need a new thing and a new thinking which must be composed by all of humanity, the wisdom of our past and the need and inspiration of the present. We must put those into decision positions who had the best chances to learn and understand and let them become pioneers of this new operative capacity. They must actively introduce research, breaking news and participation into strategies. They need a concept-free goal design for global, decentral cooperation. Concept-free means free of misconception, ideology, hidden agenda etc. What remains is Consciouss Life. Life must be understood as a force of peace if existing, as a drive to intelligence if healthy and diverse and as doomed if it produces hatred but does not face it as challenges to overcome as soon as possible. The SDGs+xd must become priority for our present as missions to future.

Multiplexing Analytics

We need an understanding of the current human culture as a multiplex network, a fractally increasing complex interconnection of individual reality experience, virtualization and information and in between our culture and identification take place. The internet is not an intelligent system. Not a single bureaucracy on earth is an intelligent system. Not a single AI software currently deployed has anything to do with intelligence. Because the concept of intelligence is not gauged, there is no common ground for what intelligence is and what not. If something is effective its not implicitly intelligent. If something is not effective it might be very intelligent, as our system-environment is a mess, neither life-friendly nor designed from the bottom up to serve life in its diversity and coexistence — implicit of a sustainable prevalance of species.

In my line of thinking I quote nobody but me. I do not read books, only import knowledge from peer-reviewed scientific papers and integrate their essence into my world view. I think for myself to provide a first principle theory how to save the world, as this is my sole purpose by my own definition.
Whenever I wrote aware I fought against countless amounts of possible misconceptions in my head. And in face of this, I accept failure. I accept my approach and existence as futile, as any reader I loose is a piece breaking away from the chance that I might could have helped to save the world with my life.