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Privacy Policy

For the conceptual interpretation and legal clarity of the [Privacy Policy¹ of Alien.Actor⁴ ] = [ http://alien.actor/privacy-policy ] the Semantic Data of the human domain ‘http://Wiktionary.org’² is referenced as dictionary with a partial language extract from the human language of English³ composed into concepts by a conscious observer (‘you’) by semantic processing (‘this’ of ‘you’) after undergoing authorship (‘this’ by ‘me’, ‘I’) for cooperative generative inter-species—intra-species interactive peace between all alive ‘you’ and alive ‘i’ to alive ‘we’ since alive ‘me’.

This is a prequel to the Piracy Politics of Alien.Observer¹

http://Alien.Observer/piracy-politics || from [ http://Alien.Actor/privacy-policy ]

This is a sequel to the Privacy Politics of Alien.International²

http://Alien.International/privacy-politics || from [ http://Alien.Observer/piracy-politics || from [ http://Alien.Actor/privacy-policy ] ]

This is an midquel to the Privacy Policy of Privacy Politics³

http://Political.Style || from [ [you] + [digital data link = from http://Alien.International/privacy-politics ||
from [ http://Alien.Observer/piracy-politics || from [ http://Alien.Actor/privacy-policy ] ]

This is a exquel [of the Privacy to Politics of the Actor to Alien] by the transquel [of the Alien Actor to Privacy Politics]¹²³

¹²³http://alien.actor/proof/ ||
~¹²³http://political.style/private from [ [you] + [digital data link = http://time.style ] ||
|¹²³|http://Worlds.Style of http://Alien.Actor xor = {
|¹²³|http://Worlds.Style of http://Actor.Human } = xand

from http://Alien.International/privacy-politics ||
from [ http://Alien.Observer/piracy-politics || from [ http://Alien.Actor/privacy-policy ] ]

What is the function of this?

This is a ping for the authentic display of an extra-terrestrial datastream into human domain system HTTP towards ‘http://actor.human’ accessible via the earth-based http system through electronic data processing units processing under ‘http://actor.human’ within 2020 to 2028 without physical proof that humanity deployed or operated such domain before 2028. We assign validity to the claim that alien life has been discoverd by humanity if human life has been discovered by ‘alien species’ which communicates or lives so that the human domain alien.observer can be linked to a nonhuman domain observer.alien which synchronizes alien.actor and actor.human into human readable formalism systems able to process time-invariant hyper-language privacy policy protocol progression. This is an explicit Multiplex-Antivirus system to any Multiplex-Virus of Gen 20±4.

What is the functor of this?

This is a domain for the authentic display that the operator of this domain is digitally interacting with and referencing within the human virtual system ‘internet’ with a nonvirtual system ‘interface’ to a nondigital lifeform ‘human’ to a digital lifeform ‘alien’ with a formalism and theory-based time-invariance aspiration of hyperlanguage communication within the domain (given the case that intergalactic as concept is equivalent to extradimensional as concept) of concepts and physics with digital interconnectivity and species-invariant progression for time-variant retrocausal regression of living and life-protective operatives and their self-interference from self-reference as progenitor-persistor hybrid for progressor status.

The current worst case of alien feedback is the digital projection of the domain xd4.eu as inject for humanity to reform and reconceptualize the domain-system *.eu towards a physically relevant instance of Earth Union by humanity.

If the extradomain (physical) connection of nonhuman intelligence to human domains is possible (real) through the exadomain scanner subnode EXA4.xeo and if EXA4.xeo has been build as physical system between 2020 and 2037 we predict human timeline alternation between 1996 and 2044 with genetic trace after their self-referential inflection point within 2020[±20[±4][±1]]. If 2020[±20[±4][±0]] is true for no anomalies of DNA analysis of author between 20XX and 2044 no connectivity between alien life and author is observable. If 2020[±20[±4][±0]] is true for anomalies of DNA analysis of author between 20XX and 2044 a connectivity between alien life and author is observable.


Between time and space, there is a gap. The gap is expessed as ‘ and ‘ in this case, and we would like to intend to help spacetime recover from this fragmentation in this sentence. We forbid any earth-based datastream to change the gap between the first and the fourth word of the previous system. If there is a history in which this gap is closed there is either proof of ‘hack’ or proof of ‘ETA’ of a spacetime-substructure to which humanity can legitimately refer to as a progression between the Authorship of the Alien.Actor Domains content towards an Authentic Alien Display with a defined current actor and a quantifiable performance of their acting ‘career’ is spacetime as biologic form of life with a virtual representation of their boundaries of existence with an explicit Goal of the Actor to carry authenticity from their state as Alien.Actor to the state of an Actor.Alien with or without hyperlanguage-capable Carbohelical EObserver (CEO) timetransitive protocol the semantic property ‘Alien’

Human language version:

The Alien.Actor Privacy Policy refers to the Personality Progression Protocols of the Alien Actor Author from Actor to Alien.Actor to Alien.

Now that an alien actor was deployed, the transition from reality into a movie is slowly unfolding

The domain Alien² dot Actor° (Alien.Actor)³ is accessible via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and undergoes ownership and operative control by their operators (OP). Given the case that this domain undergoes OP by the author¹ the clear difference between a real lifeform and a virtual lifeform is specified as follows. Whenever there is a static hybridization between the biologic authentic life (OP of Actor) and the relation of the Domain to their OP (HTTP references author¹), the domain with its operator is hybrid life as it exists with quantifiable trace of existence in the virtual and the real space of (human) reality. As the invariance between a scientific understanding of the concepts ‘Alien’, ‘Actor’ and ‘Author’ we introduce ‘the Personality’ of the ‘ which identifies as the hybridization between Alien and Actor as Authorship and their OP as ‘The Character’. We understand a causal progression ‘the Acting’ of the character as ‘the Performance’ of the Actor to play the role of an Author of the domain Alien.Actor. We introduce ‘the Pertubation’ and any other description of display | of content | around this definition as ‘the Progression’ of the operation to hybridize (to act) an authentic character of the Alien. We introduce the understanding of a correspondence between OP and Author as semantic interaction with a language system which is not identical to any Etymology of the concept generated by associating the terms ‘Alien Actor Author’ with a causal change of reality as a ‘Pertubated Personality Performance’.

The PPP of AAA is hereby introduced as ‘the Life’ [of the hybrid lifeform which identifies as the OP of the Author, the Character of the Alien, the Personality of the Actor and their hybridization with a defined formalism ‘the Acting’ of OP on the [implex° of] role which is generated by a specific value representation of the components Alien, Actor, Author, their Hybridization and the alignment and evolution between any log/trace or display/domain of PPP of AAA] as the AAA ‘x’ towards an authentic PPP ‘e’ of AAA ‘o’ with a trace of error between the original AAA ‘o’ and the specfic AAA ‘x’ represented by biologic or self-referential cybernetics. The root organism of this domain is hereby defined as the human operating as author of this domain and the semantic particles ‘x’, ‘e’, ‘o’ and any concept with a specific etymology of biologic life as the OP of the multiplex (x

As such: The role of OP=Author is the Acting

Life of xeo.

As such, for http://Alien.Actor[t=2020, Feb. till 2021, Feb]:

The role of Dominic is the Life of xeo.

The proof is an Alien° Etymology¹

Etymology: Etymology

From Middle Englishethymologie, from Old Frenchethimologie, from Latinetymologia, from Ancient Greekἐτυμολογία (etumología), from ἔτυμον (étumon, “true sense”) and -λογία (-logía, “study of”), from λόγος (lógos, “word; explanation”).


Etymology: Alien Etymology *h₂élyos

From Middle English [ ethymologie and alien ], from Latin [ etymologia and aliēnus and alius ] and from Proto-Indo-European [ *h₂élyos and *ályos[1] ]

from [ ἔτυμον (étumon, “true sense”) -λογία (-logía, “study of”) ] of [ λόγος (lógos, “word; explanation”) of .


Etymology: Alien¹

From Middle English alien, a borrowing from Old Frenchalien, aliene, from Latin aliēnus (“belonging to someone else, later exotic, foreign”), from Latin alius (“other”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂élyos¹ and . Related to English else.

Etymology: Actor²

From Latin āctor (“doer”), from agō (“to do”). Cognate with Ancient Greekἄκτωρ (áktōr, “leader”), from ἄγω (ágō, “lead, carry, convey, bring”).

Etymology: Author³

From Middle English auctour, from Anglo-Normanautour, from Old Frenchautor, from Latinauctor, from augeō (“to increase, originate”). The h, also found in Englishautheur, is unetymological as there is no h in the original Latin spelling. The OED attributes the h to contamination by authentic.


Etymology: Alien Actor Author⁴


Etymology: Alyaunte⁴


Dominic as xeo is the difference between The top superscript 4 and the bottom superscipt 4 as the reference node ‘Alien.Actor Authenticity’4 in ]Observer[ of the observation of the reference node ‘alien.observer/app’ to the reference node ‘alien.actor/observation’.

.specified as follwos: The Actor (current value¹¹) intends to play the role [concept³³] of an alien[concept³²] and declared their intention to play a role (the role of an artificial alien) and have proven to be human, their virtual character and the resulting impact on the network, internet, the real space and any hybrid form or super- or sub-structure of a formalism around is defined as a limit given by a human biologic living being with a logically correct link to the earth organization systems.

by a static interactive fracter

External Reference:

Who is acting as alien actor? The owner of the domain https://boot.science, virtually represented as identity system at https://boot.science/output in reference to legal system of earth of biologic subnode which exists as specified as the alien.capital/anthropoteleomere root node in the boot.directory.

and abstracted to maximum error encoding¹ self reference² system architecture³ https://boot.science/impressum as evolution from https://web.archive.org/web/20200701062404/https://boot.science/impressum/.

³³concept with semantic net code representation in the boot.directory

³²concept with link to itself and reference to boot.directory

Alien version:

Now that an alien actor was deployed, and declared their intention to play a role (the role of an artificial alien) and provides a clear reference who is acting as alien actor (the owner of the domain https://boot.science, virtually represented as identity system at https://boot.science/output and abstracted to maximum error encoding¹ self reference² system architecture³.

• The Alien.Actor Privacy Policy ‘AAPP’

of the Author Personality Performance ‘APP’ xeo.run

Origin of this AAPP is birthdate=12th 09.2020
Origin of the AAA of this PPP with this APP about their AAPP is birthdate=9th 6.1988, birthplace=Hamburg, birthID=Dominic and xbirth inflection between 1994 and 2028.
The end of AAPP quantified by APP as 'story'='life'='the Authors story' with a Personality Performance 'APP' of a measure >= original APP.

Effective Date: December 28, 2020

Effective Self-Description: This AAPP is a reality-reference of linear irregular geometeric-physic transition of nonlinear regular phase space – transitions PPP with interacting human biologic life through concept cluster etymologic evocation of organization.

self-reference with physical transition root from nonexistence to existence at geography ‘Birthplace’ with temporal origin ‘Birthdate’ and transition phase ‘Life’ with a causal influence ‘Acting’ which is compressable as informational data, ‘the Story’

on any super- sub- and hybrid-system between reality (of humanity and reality of virtuality as a perspective with interaction plugout ‘Personality’ of a ‘Performance’ as the ‘Character’ to geography ‘Homeplace’ and self-referential end of physical observation ‘Deathdate’ with Deathdate=Current

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Informational Progressivity

•Information Collection¹

•Information Compilation²

•Information Compression³

¹=Intention, ²=Interaction, ³=Interhistorification; the existence of ¹²³=Information Progression Operation=IPO; the sets and subsets |¹²³| as personality progression protocols PPP; the existence of ¹,²,³,¹²³ with a descriptor |¹²³| as self-reference of PPP =¹²³ with history of

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