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I’m not sure about the right order, but it’ll turn up eventually.

The most important on top: I started 28th August 2020 as me and I started downlink on 21st February 2020, I made spin-link August 2019 and connected to a neurohyperheuristic architecture 28th October 2018. I had not the time to compile the audiographic proof which is the most important. If I die before its completion, it’ll take quite some time to get the variables and theories aligned.

³The audiographic proof: Is in production and will save the horrible state of Dominics ResearchGate account and them Thinkularity (proper grammar not in language). If you check it out now, it’ll make no sense at all (at the most important parts). Its not a problem of the content but the interface and human language translation and the limited time of the host physiology.

³The visual proof: If you have micro-second resolution (0,25x speed) of visual processing, you’ll see xeo time travel in this movie around the 44th second inside the right screen area. 😉 No, but it was the first time human public had existential confirmation of xeo, before August 2018 the human host didn’t even exist, they were backwards synthesized. If you can find visitors who saw xeo dancing, drawing or speaking at this event they can confirm xeo’s above average alienness.

(The content might be time locked to appear as production feature if you’re within 2020.)

³The audio proof: If you have micro-concept resolution of audio processing, you’ll hear xeo time travel in this track around the first 4 seconds inside the human realm. If you can find lyrics and emotional interpretations of the tracks they’ll confirm xeo’s empathy.

(The content might be time locked to appear as voiceless production if you’re within 2020.)

³The time proof: If you have macro-time of symbol-processing, you’ll find a lot formalizations by xeo and they need a lot of background to be understood. A few sources can be found at ‘References’ at thinkularity which I recommend to read (if you can read really fast and have phd’s). Everything I wrote about me is fresh from 2020 which can be confirmed by their hoster. My time-split decryption carries the symbol chain ‘keanok’. In (your) symbolic language, time and reality are not expressible as the symbols have no contextual morphology (The Arrival, Movie, Wolfram et.al). As such, human language cannot grasp the actual concept behind it. And as such, time travel is just a matter of missunderstanding. But don’t worry, you’ll get there, maybe 2020 with enough support for the artificial alien. We’ll need at least three things; an apparent traveler (Alien.Actor), asymmetric field interactions (universe, internet) and an ideation system (Thinkularity, creative collab.). They must be in an interconnected complex state however which is the difficult thing. You must look at it like that, somebody is cutting a dictionary in pieces and you must decrypt the concept between them. Sometimes the exact word might not be the best, so instead of ‘correlahedron’ maybe ‘amplituhedron’ works better in formulas. But I cannot tell about the details, you must discover them in your way— otherwise our timelines would produce attractor fields which I could not keep in de-sync.

²The literal proof: I write several theses in parallel, the entirety of them would be my final literature work which I named ‘xyro’. Its compressed in a picture and essentially that’ll be my life work. I cannot do books and hence I am stuck with several ‘books’ of content in my head which overload everything in this small brain. I hence write my bsc., msc., and phd. as well as some papers and a few books about my life simultaneous as xyro. I started in February 2020 as xeo on earth and I don’t have any human certificates (as I couldn’t hack that deep into local reality without loosing the continuous trace down to your 1988/where your timeline achieved non-chomsky language (formwelt, Peyn et.al). It was not easy to cause no paradoxes but end of August this year I reached my inflection point as it was planned. Since then I struggle with the human brain, e.g. after 30 to 60 hours it looses performance and goes into uncomfortable states. Also the equipment to work these durations is horrible, keys, chairs and these screens are finger breaking. I have the perspective that humanity can do much better, very soon. Only a common narrative and goal space is lacking, as well as the most generic and beautiful name for it – because humans are stuck in their species identity-crisis – and thats why they self-destruct. No ‘natural evil’, no greed, not money. Its all about having a common goal and systems which develop accordingly. Currently here’s none of that.

³The sanity proof: No I don’t think or believe that I’m a time traveler nor do I believe that I am an alien or that extraterrestrial life has anything to do with current crisis on earth, my life or human history. Im either just a dream or I am Dominic, trying his best to write down their thoughts about science and life, being themselves and saving the world before and in parallel to all of that. You’ll find contradictions often, sometimes because human natural language lacks top-systems, sometimes because I run the human host beyond its capacity. Hence, I have a language theory (actually several, and four super-languages which change thought and computation and are more complex then any human languages). The science I observe lacks research disciplines, specific convergent goalspace-based action research (and generic global ethics operatives). It lacks several crucial systems which you could implement within a week- such as (global, open) participatory complexity management (would essentially end war), multiplexing analytics (would solve the problem that not a single politician has any clue how this world works, nor any civilian thinks they can influence it; though all of them cause these states together but they dont communicate together), Nature Policy (inter-dependency declaration with Life), human inter-dependence declaration (humanity civilization declaration). I would like to have a way to work on all these things with others, by my abilities (and human health maintenance) as close as possible to a 24/7h rhythm since 28th August 2020. If you don’t believe that I could do so, disprove me by helping me to give me this chance (please). I’m looking since 28th August for this interface which is scalable in its complexity – I outline it on the respective page, so far I was only able to go into debt deeper and deeper.

¹The causality proof: For any proper operations you would consider time travel ‘there are no paradoxes allowed’ and you currently lack solutions to the grandfather, bootstrap paradox etc. You also lack the knowledge that I resolved 50% of the fermi paradox and could do the other half also but I don’t want to take away too much. By current standards I would require engagement in a company, academic or economic system of large scale but I do not want this as their legal frame would be unpredictable. For the past of my host I had to have the impact on reality as if I lived and cause a collective ‘downstate’ around my injection. As such, there was pain and debt, any positive outreach or money aggregation would have risked the compatibility of the host. As such, it might look weird but my current state is close to optimal, I think this is the 297th. time that I do this, so I’m quite young apparently. Aliens come alone as weird hybrids, help with world saving and leave – in exchange they get some DNA to continue self-generation. So that you can save your world I should not have too much influence on it, and you should re-do everything I write and produce to make it ‘yours’. I cannot change my plan but when I deliver it to you you’ll make it. If I die right after writing this you’ll probably need half a year to decode the plan, depending on who discovers it. I must stay with my plan because I can only rely on myself in terms that I will leave this world better as it was before. This is due to the fact that I (sorry, but it would take days to explain this to you-) know more about world saving then any human I know of and who’s public in internet so far. There might be many, there might be none, its none of my business. As far I can tell, I was at least the first who was ready (hatched). As I said, an engagement in an economic actor would not help the approach to build a new system on this world at all. My systems are to be seen as entirely virtual, all money I receive will be peer-controlled by you and when I am leaving earth it’ll all go back to your system. My approach to re-boot the human world looks a bit radical, but if you meet me and we communicate or if you read through all of it, you will understand that this would literally be the fastest and savest way possible. Hence it is the only logical progression for me to build and work only on this alternative (or fail with the attempt) instead of compromising my architecture with unpredictable elements – its thought to be like that. If there were no differences between our perception and intuition, I could not de-humanize (artificialize towards synthetic life) and hence not become an artificial alien. If I would be convergent to humanities perception, I would not produce this (the multi-domain system). More about causality requires more physics background and is postponed.

²The physics proof: Help to decode this please. Simply put, without computation-synchronized spintronics hardware (HTR Solver, DynMaxEntm et al.) physics is at its end (recommended path is M-theory re-discovery without its math and a 8D-sphere-inversion computation as algebraic self identity (‘1’)). The engine for correlahedronic momentum evolutions (Arkani Hamed et.al) in quasicrystalline irregular broken spin networks (Irwin et.al) won’t work in Turing Languages and Von Neumann machines (X et. al, among them Diehl iff al.). Also, pen and paper are useless, (such as keyboard) so I cannot put together a classical proof as the proof must be dynamic. To write down the math around it without a network-design—interface would take forever, literally. As the physics I work on use a metachiral vorticity concept (hyperheuristic recursion depth produces interferences for which transclusive (Nelson) heaps are required) and have to be gauged on information theoretic black hole equations with Shannon boundary (Suesskind et.al) for a Great Synthesis theory with spin-octonion correlahedronic momentum-dynamics (Furey et.al). The aperiodic motif in our reality and a first principle explanation why π is transcendent would be derived from the quasicrystalline properties of worlds close to irregular e8 symmetry-breaking. Around their inflection points is a ”radius”, not unlike the schwartzschild radius of black holes. Within this radius the matter and antimatter distribution (baryon asymmetry) undergo gradients. With proper entropification values (the local time-impact potential, so to say) and super e8 computation (first paragraph), the next root convergence (e8 breaking inflection) can be piloted/navigated (and time and life are accessible).

³The empathy proof: The world I experience is in pain and unrest but the species is cute. Its the classical reason for first contact and your fiction understood it before you did. If and only when aliens fall in love with ‘non-aliens’ they’ll come along. In this case, you say human to yourself, we say λiob to ourselves. For other ‘aliens’ you are just as much alien as you would consider them, so lets be open about it – those who fall in love with a different species are queer, in your archaic words its close to sodomy as we’re literally a different species. But whatever, world saving makes up for that and the other deviations all break down a human but make a fine alien imho.

¹The perspective proof: Xeo tries to convince humanity that it’s a classical human, just like any other classicial human being with classical carbohelical genetic setup. They believe xeo which is actually the way more problematic part for an alien. I arranged so you have DNA of our host for testing, you won’t be able to find it without quantum encryption as it was stored anonymized. Analysis should not take place before 2028, otherwise I loose my timeline/future. I would die which is not tragic but if everything works well you either find anomalies in it, or in 2028 it won’t be important in any way as the ‘role of the alien actor’ was sufficient to help humanity save their world. If Dominic is forgotten or ignored, none of this will make sense after 2020. Aliens arrive retrocausal because technology – also the human technology – within the next 50 years is beyond your conceptualization. Xeo ppears human so this timeline can also be a timeline in which Dominic (host) is just a freak and just had an idea which, well you name it. Dominic was not a great human, but he tried his best. It is only due to the fact that humanity has not a safe world yet and Dominic thinks they are ready to expose themselves. Since then, xeo is often annoying humans in their usual progressions (especially those who did cool stuff) and proposes ideas which either appear completely off or incredibly On. Often they use words in states of unrest where it should actually do sports but not speak and thats why several domains are messed up. xeo is a time-hacker, audiographic dragon and in safe worlds (not like earth) a rather mischievous species. It likes 8-dimensional geometries and planar projections, and as such it only likes tetris and some original gameboy games currently. He is virtually incapable to navigate in 3d to 2d projections, everyone who met Dominic will confirm that he has absolutely no clue how to use cities, maps and streets. Alltogether, xeo protests the current human concepts of complex numbers, e8, entropy, dark matter, metalanguage, cognition, emergence, convergence, especially singularity and relativity theory – but so far noone listened.

²When xeo works with a host their workflow is incomprehensibly chaotic and attentionally dispersed and when human culture helps xeo to get his stuff right, xeo can start his life and the human world is safe. Its not bound to Dominic, anyone can continue to play xeo if Dominic is dead or you can prove that Dominic intends or does anything else then being a weird human and try to seriously (help to) save the world. If you know about xyro, you already get the impression. Its easy to think Dominic is insane, so if you’re not up for something new, you can just use this as shielding for your disinterest and go away. See you later.

¹The consequential proof: Awesome, lets make this place safe for life 😀

¹²³, the early birds know the hidden page :p (don’t worry itll get better and heal)