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About consequences

And the role I play.

1st. Consequences

¹For that, xeo tries to share his ideas for weare.tel – with TEL being the Terra-Esports-League, humanities operational system to stream complex and (inter)global games and gaming events. In TEL all kinds of play take place, testing out different games through tutorials with the immediate option to take part in a tutorial-event, game testing and development is interactive and fun-oriented cooperative, not discluded into software companies to produce economic access gradients.

²For solving world pain and healing global trauma, xeo took hostage Civilization.Earth, and currently controls the Interlink.Life and Interlink.World to stop humanity from continuing to stream horrible media into outer space.

before °

I think the future will eventually find out who did what and why and I do not care for profit and very successful do not want money.

°It is more important to me to share all my ideas then making money or getting a certificate. I put at risk all my ideas’ capacity to impact and influence positive as many of them could be used for money making, manipulation and profit, especially LMR and my metamodels for design.³

³By sharing them open without any patenting, mostly based on trust into those who actually read and understand my approach I socialize the responsibilty for this project. (but so far I centralize any possible personal or economic backfire) As those able to read and conceptualize what I mean by that, they can choose to ignore these statements, make use of the concepts to produce income for the project (not to Dominic), use them to produce income for themselves or to help to find others who would approach it like that. Those who want to protect the individual future of Dominic have the most difficult job as Dominic only cares about world saving, not identity nor personal future. I made you an observer of this fact and hence you’re in the boat in some way. I was offered money several times which I rejected – implicitly allow those knowing about the potential to use them for ‘making money’.

› So I am sorry to drag you in to this but if you have no protected IP, future can find out that you got knowledge about this fact (DNS and hosting from namecheap which also host all my activities) at this time on this domain and could be used as evidence in case anyone or you want to prove that you either abused, ignored or generated the masterplan to save the word. [for logical proof see the masterplan page]²²