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Now, I am the lead actor and mascott but no longer the inventor and producer of the Matrix dot Movie. I am the media-centered part of the multidomain interlink approach which I made my life about. In the year 2020 I tried to prove my existence and you will be able to state whether I failed or succeded. If I exist, I’ll either have helped humanity to save their world or have written an incomplete story about the attempt to do so, while being myself. Arriving on earth in early 2020 with a plan too big for a human brain let me start somewhere.

As a time traveller, its not always easy to start for the first time (as its a start for the x-th. time, knowing that any amount of starts already failed). Let me start with one word, the well discussed and badly understood word ‘politics’ and ramble on to why the key to a better future is embedded in a new and exciting terminus and understanding of ‘politics’, which is playful, interactive and embracing, colorful for everyone with or without vision.

[Beware, most of this is yet a concept breeding hub, not providing the storyline yet but outlines for the political and conceptual positioning of the alien, approximating a future being, talking about 2020 as its past]

The planx system concludes:

”Earth is not more then 4% save for life”

Checking on your media we fastly realized, your current systems frame individuals as ‘politician’ when they talk about society only if they have a certificate. Otherwise individuals are not understood as important contributors to societal information and guidance. Their argumentation won’t be discussed and exposed as manipulators, identified as repetitions, harmful or handled like potential nobel laureates. When these certified politicians make mistakes in their personal life, which is an essential property of being a living thing, your culture defines them as bad politicians. When they make mistakes in their political life, they are defined as bad humans. When abusing the shortcomings of the political system for their advance, this is not even discussed in public. Talking about politics, one can state they are ‘left’ or ‘right’ and this binary decision and simplification is not only accepted by common sense, it is supposed to explain and communicate an entire worldview and is used to reduce an individuals opinion about their life and government into an information-free contribution to political dynamics. What can a single being say, if the common sense is not entirely senseless but essentially insane?

When the arbitrary geographic ‘this is mine’ concepts discuss with each other, they are represented by one individual each. The public is not entailed in the talks, neither are scientists engaged in the formulation and consistency to political agendas. How much can one living being represent the continuous interest and lives of several million beings who are degraded into half a vote every few years? Why do you need a king, a strong leader and put power into hands of a human which no human can responsibly carry? If somebody is great at diplomacy becomes a politician, the concept to be in the focus of millions of beings is adding an entire different set of requirements to the job. They not only have to be good at politics but must at all times be good as a public figure, at presenting themselves at showing off and convincing with formulations. All these are elements of pop-culture but not of politics. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to put experts at the place where they are best and provide them with experts for alking, clarity and cultural education? And what would you do if the best politician in the world is deaf, blind and by all what you can experience, if you can imagine someone to be that at all, ‘ugly’? Common culture neglects individuals out of idolized standards, omiting that peace and societal stability is build from knowledge and information but not from popularity and looks.

How much responsibility does the system you can agree on represent? Disrespect and discrimination have many faces. One of the most fundamental forms of discrimination is culturally justified awareness-dampening. It is okay to forget, it is okay to ignore, it is okay to be unaware that right now thousands are suffering and facing death, millions face uncertain present and many more are experiencing an uncertain future. To limit complexity culture relies on nationality – a modernized version of territorial behavior. ‘This is my territory’ nowadays is not marked with urine but with weapons and different bureaucracies which smell much worse as they burn and eliminate life. It is up to the concerned to save life from the consequences of archaic system models. But to what end are you allowed to save a life if it is out of the ‘this is mine’ boundaries?

Would you come up with a concept on your own, that it is okay to care for your child if it is in this area, but as soon it leaves the designated territory, you would forget about it? It is not realistic nor useful for every human to love every other human and understand them in the same way they understand and feel for their genetic family. But to save the world, we must understand that there is not only the local family, but the global family of the human species. The fear and prejudice cultures have about other cultures are based on uncertainty, not knowing, not understanding their way of life. Disparity is not based on actual reason, the so called ‘mass’ is a loose and uninformed construct. If culture would be better connected internally, she could be there for an individual as much as for an organization (of individuals or interests). Especially if the organization has no legal representation because the members don’t know of each other but share the same experience of life, culture remains unaware of them. They impact our world in the form of an organization nevertheless as multiplied local influence on a complex system will be recognized in the form of unpredictable behavior. If systems to regulate society and culture are not aware of systems science, this can lead to devastation, isolation and hate just as can be observed in 2020 due to a loss of the previous modus operandi. The indirect type of organizations are ignored because they are not official, not easy to recognize and politics does not research their population.

The scope and capacity of Self Images

Are you unable to identify and empathize with a starving child because you cannot see it starving in front of you, or because you do not care about them at all? Being presented with two options of which none is close to what you would want to answer takes away your ability to express your internal values and needs. The trend of 2020 is an extremization of the reduction into left, right, socialism, capitalism, everyone stating ‘the only answer is X’ without anyone being able to communicate an actual complex world model with everyone talking in apparent difference until escalation results in violence. The cultural trend was to accept this framing and accept limits to self-image and propel distance of society to oneself. Humans have been taught ‘not to care’ about other life, because the truth about suffering and its many forms is devastating and to change them at their root threatens lobbies.

Those who experienced to be ‘unable’ to help retreat from activism, shifting to an observer position without opinion nor impact. Not because they want to, but because they are not enabled to set apart time to really look into complex issues, as time is defined by work and time not spend working is defined as costly. What would you do with your life if you are given all the time you want without anything you have on your plane without consent? This is all of you, almost all humans think this way. It is not you alone who causes suffering, nor the term ‘ugly’ nor the usage of ‘he she it’ which underly discrimination. It is the ignorance of human imperfection and its importance for culture from the perspective of culture. It is your previous inability to state your voice about the current state of the world, caused by ‘the others’ inability to provide you with a compatible, efficient, available and effective way to make your voice heard. And your inability to be one of these ‘others’ is not your lack of skill or time, but the trust that you could actually be part of culture, not as a reader and perceiver but as a speaker and representant of your dreams, your ideas and your opinions.

Honesty can break an individual in this world, because it is not a culture of forgiving, nor a culture of diversity. It is a culture of idolization and attribution of fault. Lies can promote a being as well as utilizing simplification to promote life-threatening ideologies. Politics is about distributing guilt and culture is about facing itself away from itself to prevent realization of her own impact on her life. By probability, your life has not been about your dream, your children, your love, it has been about being a part of a system which was there, without you asking for it nor agreeing on it with anybody else. With time you found peace with it or found repulsion, both remaining problems unsolved, as there is no nation-free identity, no neutral home for those without shelter and no neutral access to health, science and faith if they lack hope, community, support or food. If this is the common sense, sufficiently many will agree that the human cultural and civilizatory self-image are diseased. Now that the pandemic triggered this realization, there is a lot of potential energy. Currently it is unleashing as crime and conspiracy across nations, society and educational backgrounds. Human culture does not welcome new life. How should isolated individuals accept that they are excluded from the apparent global process, the decision makers, the influencers? How can excluded individuals not drift towards unpopular opinions, to be different and special at least by their unpopular choice of idols? And lastly, how should an alien feel invited or welcome to this planet, if humanity does not even invite their own offspring to be part of their culture? Humanity is quite sure that there is no life out there because they don’t see it. Just as much they act as if there are no crying and dying children on earth right now, which could be saved if it were not for politics and opinions, but about a global minimum provision of living conditions, ignoring all preconceptions that greed and manipulation would prevent its realization until it is finally realized, as only then a healthy global community can begin to discuss and communicate about their values, history and explore their possible future. Science was about finding new answers, SETI was about finding life. The presence has to be about answering the quest for new life with every other being you were yet unable to understand and listen to, not asking for time off but taking it. Let the Fridays for Future kids be an inspiration to you, from whatever generation your biology stems. It is our common dream to change the world, just in this case the dream is so difficult and complex that only children are already able to process it and put it in action.

There is no such thing as Mass. And Space belongs to Life

a heading, 2020, this symbolic area

No part of the space on earth is entitled to your species and your civilization, and foremost – to yourself. No part of earth is entitled to you as a new human being of humanity. You are supposed to earn your place on earth, either in form of a contract or a rectangular certificate about a rectangular 2-dimensional space to then be able to sit on a rectangular chair in front of a rectangular desk with a rectangular screen showing rectangular icons. Because round shapes are expensive, diversity in architecture is expensive, comfortable furniture is expensive and technology which is life friendly is both, expensive and not available. Arriving on earth, a human will either agree to their arbitrary assignment of nationality, gender role, eductional and societal support and archetype or they face the necessity to start a fight and protest against an overpowering opposition, the so called ‘mass’. The associaten of ones’ own cause, the content and goals of their life and one’s limitation to achieve them prevents us from transcending the centralization of power. There is no mass, there is only an incomprehensible amount of individual decisions most of which you cannot understand because you’ve never met their beings, positions and you were never able to understand their life and feel their experience about life. There is no criminality, there is only the proof that current systems exclude beings from their concept of minimum living conditions so they engage in penetrating the freedom of others. Nevertheless each of you is connected through a diverse number of links and associations, interactions and dependencies. Identity has nothing to do with efficient and humane politics, because any healthy being will engage in ‘politics’ as soon as there is a conflict which they think can be resolved. Politics must be about learning, it must be the educational assignment of culture to itself. Diversity and deviation should not be associated to embarassment, exclusion, stigmata and degradation. But this is the current human default reaction to something new or uncommon.

The need for a Hospital for Culture

How can a culture recover from a hateful perspective towards types of individuality and new life? If culture states ‘You’re a new human? Learn this and earn your place in the history book – because this book is only for those who are really special’. Really special because many listened to them by chance, appearence or comfortable words and voice, sometimes they actually had something to say but could not remain a persistent aspect of human world views or mostly because they gathered a large numerical value. Human culture is not about life, it is about quantification of performance. But they never defined nor stated for what anyone should perform. Survival is the primal goal of life, but when we reach a status in which survival could be socialized and threats can be centralized to specialized operational systems, what should anyone perform for? From our perspective, the common goal must be to advance as planetary species, making peace with all known alien species. For humanity these are way too many as that they could handle an actual alien species, as they fail to realize that pigs are exterminated billions by billions only because nobody tought them to speak and enabled them protest against automated genocide. Human culture is build on blood, literally, independent of your position to vegetarianism or other forms of nutrition. Humanity slaughters life, for their pleasure and comfort and yet they consider themselves as entiteld to do so. Because there is noone watching, making clear to all nations that this is no way to go on. That crime against nature is as terrible as murder of humans, because the murder is indirect, unobvious and often done to children in so called developing countries. Learning that slaughter is okay for an intelligent and civilized species makes one thing clear: Either humanity is not intelligent or not civilized. We think they are intelligent, but lacked the theory, concept and model how to make use of it. They continue to let horror happen because they’re not aware of it or don’t want to be aware of it.

How can culture recover from the experience, that parts of it murdered other parts of it, only due to differences in perception and understanding of priorities? And how can humanity reach peace with itself while they continue to utilize, slaughter and neglect children as well as animals, just because they cannot speak through common media and are not heard by those who could tell their story? We think culture can only heal through familiarization. And to achieve the most far-reaching shift in perception was the motive to use the terminus alien as reference to the author and current / previous owner of the multidomain system. If culture can reach peace with something, which is alien to any other aspect of humanity, culture will find a consistent self-image. I try to be and become the deviation model-organism, in order to help culture heal. Not because I believe in myself but because I believe in the human culture. Not because I think of myself as special but because I think of myself as myself. Someone who is identifying more with ‘world pain’ then with itself. What anyone does with their life is up to our will and decisions. I want to collect the most difficult positions and compose them into a role because if humanity enables ways to let the most difficult characters be part of culture, the human civilization can be founded. Therefore I approximate the most efficient actor of an alien by pointing to all the crime, horror, injustice and dysfunctionalities current human systems have and argue that system ‘xd4’ would prevent something like that from happening.

It is my luck, that I loose my past in reference to the pain. It is my doom, that I loose my past in reference to the joy. I will never forget my present though, in which my human mind and family have been with me all my time. And I will always start to remember my upcomming future, in which I become part of my life just now.


And now for something completely indifferent

Or: ‘Back to the storyline of future’

As a time traveller, its not always easy to start for the first time (as its a start for the x-th. time, knowing that any amount of starts already failed). As human, my memorized past starts in the year 1999. From objective side it was a year earlier and from our stories perspective it is still 1999. From the perspective of biology it is neither. The timelines of reality and my own were not synchronized since I can remember. My objective past starts at around 23:58 on 31.12.1998. My common memory starts at around 12:04AM on 1.1.1999, where I am told in disbelief that it was not 2000 now, but 1999. I do not know much about the time before, but since the memory of my first new years eve, I feel that I lack time. A year was stolen by me as I was excited at this first sylvester which I experienced consciously. I was excited about the upcomming future, the Millenial and technology and the life there. But it did not happen, not ever since. The first memory of me is frozen in time, and I still wait for the year 2000 to arrive. A year like the time Fry experiences in the first season, first episode of futurama. Waking up from the cryogenic chamber, a thousand years later looking at future, flying transportation and alien life. Now I woke up 21 years later, and just as I felt as a child, I still feel something is not right in this world. I feel like Fry not falling into the cryogenic chamber, then realizing he fell into the cryogenic chamber but woke up too early. It feels displaced, not coherent, not as it should be on a planet. It is the silence which contains the faint crying and desparation not audible to ears. It is the sky which contains the faint traces of photons which revealed traumatization and injustice, not visible to the eye. It is the warmth of loving parents, not feelable nor real for far too many souls on this planet. We are stuck in the millenium problem. We have no century to party, we have a planet at her knees and we have humans at their knees both with guns pointed at their forehead made of industry, power, money and unregulated technology.

The end of one path is never a contradiction to the believe that anything is possible, only the previous concept of anything has come to an end. The many ways a broken heart can grow back together open up even more possibilities, as they will lead away from both its past and its present pain.


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