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The Death of Life

Weaponization is not a solution, it is the opposite of any progress towards peace. Guns don’t kill people, people don’t kill people, only the concept and fallacy that killing someone would make the world a better place is killing. Hence, decisions kill people, but if decisions and concepts were conditioned and injected into people, they cannot understand the consequences of their actions as they are taught to engage in a normalized activity which does not require mental work to be re-checked.

Because whenever somebody intends to kill it is because they are in mortal fear of their own life or have an incorrect concept about life and reality.

Just as killing pigs for enjoyment is normalized, killing out of aggression and adrenaline is normalized and just as ownage of a slave was normalized, ownage of weapons is normalized. The word slave and concept behind it must be a forbidden term, but humanity still engages in slavery of both human and nonhuman species.