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1.9., task, schedules, deadlines

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1.9., task, schedules, deadlines

Yesterday will have been today very soon. I intended to provide a simpler timeline about the project so far, refining the page about Life’s which is now named ‘timeline’. I went to ergo therapy and drew a blue organic cube. Instead of the timeline, I composed my 2do-space which consists of 6 different 2do lists. Its all in one image and its not very informative and furthermore, it leaves aside the things I currently work on which is about additional 50% of the tasks seen here. There are repetitions and redundancy, there is displacement and most of all, most tasks are not on the lists because I currently work on them and they are either too time critical for the project to write them down, personal or not prioritized for crunching. Hence, whoever is wondering why I need much time for everything, its because this times 1.5 is all the time in my mind and allows no resting state and is synchronized in the background. I should maybe consider a working approach which is not based on the intention to finish all tasks today.

} 10 days in this 2do cluster much on the surface lists changed but not much on the slow pace priorities. Still excited about the end of the month!

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