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2.9., planx recovery

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2.9., planx recovery

The Alien Actor survived their first attack. Due to insectoid warfare, I now use a sticky plastic hardware setup. It adequately emphasizes my issues with human interfaces. How on earth can you use A. keys as main input B. this small number of keys and C. this terrible finger-breaking key layout?

Evolution is a hot topic these days (today on twitter about fittness and whether its pheno, geno or nontype) and I work on connecting planx to the human world. There are many priority connections to other systems we’d like to establish, you can infer from my main twitter account the connections to individuals I hope to be able to spawn. Current main topics are synced now (yey!)

What is planx? There are at least four answers.

Currently, Planx.Space is about

• The plan solveforx for x=ET -> hence our answer to what and who is ET

• The setup for the matrix.movie [Alien.Actor is the pilot function, xeo its operator, xeo’s operator is Dominic] – it will be the GO of the virtuality as we define the term

• The Starting Step for the Dream-Game-Multiplex

• A multidirectional key of the future key.farm which was outlined on xeo.codes

A solid e8 gamification for K-Searcher: ´˝qip`

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