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5.9, We need a Change

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5.9, We need a Change

Yesterday I made little progress on my 2do cluster as I was learning and actualizing with other research, as mentioned in previous post. Hence, I’ll collect and elaborate my comments on the #WeNeedAChange stream from https://leanbase.de/streamaroundtheclock/we-need-a-change from the respective youtube chats. (post might undergo change and updates as all others)

Education and cognitive development

Current education system foster disparity through primitive performance measures. A Global approach to education requires a cultural self-understanding based on multi-directional learning environments​

Indeed the shift must be from ‘teaching to answer’ to ‘inspiring to question’. Current systems block thought and hence harm developing personalities.

We need multimodality in learning materials and strategies to reach understanding and find interest in the world. This requires an individualized understanding of learners as complex beings. There are not only ‘learning-types’ but at least additionally motivation-types (what type of reward or experience motivates a being) and interface-types (which provides orientation for the individual to explore and find comfortable as well as challenging tools for their learning and play process).

For example, not everyone can use a ‘pen’ as interface. Yet the entire education system is based on it, and must make exceptions for other abled. We should shift to a plural means of interaction. Instead we face again a threat of singularization, due to a shift to PC or tablet only, making sure future physiologic issues and damage to children.

​To develop cognition in a healthy way which also includes an understanding to care for ones own (cognitive) health requires variety and fun in interaction – not only in content but in tools as well as educationally designed activities. Only then everyones inner artist, researcher and worker have a chance to emerge as interest/talent and allow individuals to discover aspects of our world which they can identify with and want to contribute to.

Cultural education – Global education

We always loose the ability to make long-term progress when we limit and frame concepts into words, names, identity. The interpretation-multiplicity (which triggers conspirancy globally at present) can only be handled by a multilayer awareness – which is not displayable in our current language. For example, philosophy segregates in magnitudes of subdisciplines, disallowing civilian access to the philosophical discourse on ethics and an understanding of a global society, globalized culture which does not overwrite national identity and language but supports prevalence of values instead of threatening their relevance.

To implement new kinds of education likewise requires multilayer strategies. To point out those I think of as most important, Gamification and individualization. While smart gamification must stem from a looser-free concept and has only little to do with what is understood by it currently.

I build my multi-domain-system in the way it is exactly for a holistic global education approach. Any such approach requires distributed deploy and development to allow local connection to it, in order to allow global reconnection. For this we need many hubs – which are reconnected, synchronized and coordinated through open meta-hubs.

Note on communication and Language automatization for Trust

Language and background information about individuals pose a Trust-Barrier. With conceptual grammar based languages, we can utilize technology to ease mutual understanding and automatize aspects of self-understanding. E.g. via contextual sharing of profiles about ourself or topics which could be computed and shared in terms of their results. Not to replace language but allow clocktiming of language and personal exchange which can keep up with a globalized world. As globalization causes a language and information berrier which nobody accounted for and which is still an unresolved problem.

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