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6.9., I annoy humans

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6.9., I annoy humans

The past 48 hours I’ve spend following the #StreamAroundTheClock stream and went on with a hackathon in the background around the issues of the conference and I actualized language on some domains and changed a little on the design of the MDS (multidomain system). I try to defend the MDS against botnets, hackers and my spelling errors on a daily basis. Looking at the amount of domains it might not appear intuitively logical what I attempt and why I think it needs so many websites. I don’t have the capacity to manage all domains at once, so its a sketch only until others participate in the build. It is nevertheless a model about the internet and what systems it should have minimally accessible to everyone, which is not the case in the internet today. I try to operate that many domains as I think such a system is a minimum system for a digital interactive World-Model. In the end, the thing we need (to save the world) will have to have all functionalities of the current internet but process and route them completely different (referential and actualizing) and streamline ideas, social innovations and work towards intuitive collaboration and cooperation frameworks.

Here is the link to all sessions of the conference: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzegUdhT24xqJawV2VVnhg

Update (18.9.)

Apparently the live chat and our discussion was deactivated. We hope that they’ll be available for public in the future but wonder why this was done.

So coming from this conference and my more and more impatient comments in the last two videos towards direct action – I need help of anyone who knows digital infrastructure as I manage the system on my own but its not what the system is thought nor designed for. You can reach my at any time with more contact data boot.science/output. Also plz help to share code4.science so someone can take over that concept and I can start to build the next onepager (science4.codes) – after which I can start to translate boot.science to english finally.

By the way, this is what this is all about-

Interlink.World is a model-system for a smooth transition from the present world to a future with an advanced and open means of data processing and direct link from the communication systems to operational (life saving) activities, actions and decisions. I only provide the meta-model and block the important domains, such as Civilization.Earth. To gamify this approach, I sometimes describe it in the manner that ‘xeo has taken the human domains hostage’. And indeed, I have a bunch of domains which would be very suitable for a gamified complex digital game-like world-saving experience, such as worldwar.earth to get attention and worldwar.win to explain that humanity has to win against the concept of war and a war of the world against herself alltogether, and Makatao.Party which is the party we have to organize as we’ll succeed to save the world eventually – as long as I am alive I will do my best to observe the best approach I can come up with subjectively or can contribute to objectively. The last thing I made was to add more about myself in the section operator and then I added the information about that with a backlink to there, here, with a temporary end of this sentence, there:

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