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9.9., Everything as usual

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9.9., Everything as usual

The next issue I intend to work on is a better description of the Multiplex system. The empty draft from xero.host is already some months old, still represents some minimum functionality of the system. The XERO system is supposed to be used in the Multiplex for data routing. As I want to leave the systems final ‘sketch’ for software architecture as open as possible, I develop a ‘smaller’ more simple system instead. This system carries the name XEO and is supposed to be a ‘proof of concept’ for personalized polyparametric data processing and multiplexing communication. The XEO system is generalized and is playable by multiplayer ID’s. And the first of this type is: xeo. As the layout for xeo is supposed to be character-independent so anyone would be able to test/use the XEO system it might be confusing. So lets try to decrypt the xeosystem. Main features:

  • Multilayer Firewall
    • 3 layers in this grapic
  • Multiplexing Input
    • context-sensitive render
  • Multi-Domain Operations
    • distributed management
  • Automated encryption systems
  • Cooperative Internet-Access
    • New types of gameplay
    • New community designs
  • Community filter systems
    • Protection from malware and violent media
    • Shared data-landscape shaping

xeo.systems [Version mwd.0.5]


Multilayer Firewall

  • Open Sensory Channels
  • Active Input Channel
  • > Input Channel Routing
  • Open Data Channel
  • Multiplayer Avatar
    • Multi-ID


Multiplexing Input

  • amp
    • [COM, CO, DEV]
  • build
    • SYS, MED, ARCH
  • Lead-Stream Input Channel (l)
  • Vote-Stream Input Channel


Multi-Domain Ops

  • Internet
  • Internet access
    • No crypter
    • Arbitrary Content
    • Bimodal Interface standards
  • Internet User must provide and know everything

With this kind of system (XEO), users can customize the means they connect to and influence the digital landscape they want to. The virtual persona (lower blue dotted section) we refer to as ‘xeo’. The individuals connect to a ‘super-avatar’ which routes and computes the user inputs (lead-stream and vote-stream). Instead of connecting to the internet, xeo programs are user-specific configured and develop a contextual encryption mode. The elements of XEO are stored in decentral clusters and operate through synchronization, similar to the xeo connections to XEO. xeosys allows automatization of user commands and collective operations beyond common interfaces. For individual operations, the system improves security substantially.

The Concept of the Multilayer firewall is intended to provide several layer of protection of user interaction. Through ‘cooperative surfing’ the original nodes of the user become more difficult to trace back. If a trace is necessary, XEO can decouple parts of the user input-stream. Between the virtual user and the interface end-points is established a continuous connection. The continuity is generated through a synchronization of algorithmic encryption between the user of the xeo end-point interface and the virtual xeo system. Instead of a On/Off login, this is an entire different means of connection protection as the keys generated are time- and context-sensitive and change permanently by a previously echanged synchronization function. This makes the connection to the user much more difficult to inject or manipulate as the (user input-) stream is continually changing (between xeo system connector nodes) and the encryption takes place on a scale-invariant principle.

The routing within XEO diversifies intentions and actions and allows decentralized cooperation, as XEO


While we’re at it – here is the simple voting system I’d propose to resolve the issues with current politics, democracy, patent management, licensing and economy. It is only 10-dimensional and I left the temporal logic aside. Also I never reworked it after producing it. Will be a target this week, as politics seems to come to cultural attention nowadays. Mostly when its too late already, but therefore you got the alien. (for delivery outside the deadlines, I mean)

Matrix.Vote – System. Or another name¹

[¹There is a US-based system using this name, as I have the domain I use the Domain as reference, not as brand. If a loyer can assist with potential problems I’d like to have a feedback as otherwise I’d have to rebuild it in other layouts. [yes i could also just rename it] (but there are 4 more voting systems available, different in user interface and steps of computing the votes and calculating the thresholds which is more fun (more efficient))]

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