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14.9., How to save the world, at last

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14.9., How to save the world, at last

I finally rendered a simple xd4 explanation, might be the first in human history. The featured image from above may look like the simple image – but it is actually just a description why xd4 has 16 internal and 64 intermediate dimensions. When calculating with qip8 it is starting with 256 internal dimensions, which makes it quite difficult to put in 2D graphics. Which I nevertheless did with an inverse Rectification of the circle as with irregular octonions π can be rational at times 😇 But let’s shift the view from the apparently simple but complex to the apparently complex but comparatively simple.

One may start with the orange box and see where it leads. The final steps have to be re-routed into domains, with a trace of interface choice along user paths.

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Sure, elements are missing, language is not great, but its what it is. A linear mechanism for cognitive systems to re-align on neutral grounds in a 4D irregular language space. Or a map how to start to save the world. I left out the secondary intersystems and gradients as well as thresholds and complexity degrees.

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