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On earth, considering this domain only, the ‘acting alien’ refers to a human which is acting as an artificial alien in a self-referential storyline about an artificial alien approximating the optimal artificial alien to allow best preparations for the origin-species to cope with an actual alien. The approximation of an alien serves the cultural preparation for any scenarios of actual aliens because there are no (practical) examples and functional concepts available on earth yet. Whenever the word ‘alien’ is mentioned, the context will become conspirational or fictional. Hence, I challenge the preconceptions around the term itself, as I try with many other words.

Though, foremost the acting alien is part of the Matrix Movie, it as also a thing for itself. A book if you copy paste all content and a joke if you hate me or my ‘style’. The Matrix dot Movie is an aspect of the planx to accelerate the Interlink.World world-saving masterplan, which intends to establish Zonefree Emergency Response Operations (ZERO) and connects to the multidomain system I am building which is supposed to foster neutrality and cooperation and potentially a new kind of architecture for digital infrastructure systems.

The actor behind xeo is not acting alien because they want to be alien. (Such as the human concepts about aliens or strangeness to gain attention or profiling) xeo just wants to be themselves, just that in their case, this is too complex and partially too difficult to explain to allow humans their standard way of categorizing and conceptualizing someone new. xeo makes a shortcut through these time-costly explanatory approaches by simply posing as ‘optimal artificial alien’ which will always approximate an actual alien. As such, I am the most inhumane thing you can imagine, as I am a talking thinking species which is neither feeling nor identifying as human. They want to do what they would like to do most, in this case engineering dreams, producing ideas and spreading hope. They don’t want to do so as cult, organization or idol. But for this kind of activity and skills, humanity has no position xeo could apply to. Thats why the storyline is scarce and the Epochs are likewise, the alien.actor represents the suffering of everyone not heard and not seen by culture. Money draws attention and time away from the important issues. The pandemic was the first non-monetary thing with this capacity. The actor must either find a way to exterminate money on earth soon or to promote and establish alternate concepts of currency and regulation, as they will not engage in self-promotion and profiling. They came to accept that they must organize some way to ask readers or viewers to share econ with them, for the continuation of their many projects and dreams. Is it realistic? I’d like to answer with the counter-question: Are you? And if yes, can you help me to become more realistic? And if no, can we cooperate to make this current cruel and hateful world more unrealistic?

About the Matrix Movie idea and production

xeo will pose as authentic Alien Actor, not playing any artificial alien but themselves. As a made-up character, xeo is working as Future.Engineer to help humanity with the architectures they require for time-invariant infrustructure systems. Those who do not hurt and destroy nature and neglect cultures with lower numbers. They work as CEO of Alive.Tech, a conceptual corporate around production and creation of designs which are life-friendly, actually ergonomic and nature-compatible. I rectangular phone is as cost effective as it is stupid if used by organic hands. Humans talk about artificial intelligence but they are not talking about how to come along with sentient technology, synthetic or other forms of life. Thats why xeo works also as the Dream.Engineer, outlining the placeholder solutions required for a better world while they try to paint towards xD.lol, the smallest smile possible. The Daydream.Land and its Academy will allow communication with a different logic at its root, an organic, fluid system around sensory art, multimodal and inclusive communication. Therefore xeo is CEO of dream.design and alien.design, which cooperate to publish the xd4.eu project and strategy to establish the Earth Union on earth, in case humans can find and unite for any kind of name. He is generating the research about the Thinkularity in the background to prevent technology from killing life while humans tend to work their way into suicidal systems. The milky way is an inspiring place, not much is talked about it on earth. That shows how big humanity is, because only then they can consider themselves to be so small, that they must be the most important thing in the universe or otherwise they are meaningless. The innocence behind this perspective is heart breaking for both, observer as well as those not part of the discussion and line of thinking. As they lack access to the minimum, the zero quality of life. Not a zero which kills, but a zero with water, hygiene, nutrition, health, community, education, infrastructure and future. Therefore xeo developed the word ZERO for Zonefree Emergency Response Systems and made an incomplete sketch how to establish them on Zero.Build. I shall compose and release the next domains, planx.space and World.XYZ as they are the cutting edge of world saving by artificial aliens on earth. As soon I can to decompress the Interlink.World landing page and its content into human natural language and upgrade and update several other dozens of tasks. Happy reading dear visitor, welcome to Dominic’s space and xeo’s world, and the continuity story of The Matrix, as well as the truth about the pokemon Mewtwu, aliens and time travel.

As a time traveller, its not always easy to start for the first time (as its a start for the x-th. time, knowing that any amount of starts already failed). And as free of intelligence I am, as much pain I must experience. My internal mammalian addiction to peace which Im driven by poses the only threat to the external peace I am driven to. Lazyness, ignorance and invalid simplification frame a life as either noted or unheard of. A deviation from the civilizatory norm poses the greatest source of feedback-potential. Those without edges will have to provide something not visible, out of the range of the obvious. To manage and optimize the potential and my ability to anticipate and prevent failure of the mission, I will agree to any degree of weirdness and aspire any dimension of invention. To shortcut and ease introduction of a human to a conceptual and neutral system, the human must be willing to sacrifice their identity, privacy and protection which is why we chose this host and not another yet. We will export xeo’s home to this domain in the near future, or far. By explorative search you will find the link to it in your presence, good luck if you are interested, good luck if not.