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Coming to earth I faced quiete some challenges. The first was to realize where my body would start and where it will end. As such I often made diplomatic faux pas at any level of social interaction. When I was eventually able to leave my mothership (in this case, a mammalian womb), I had to realize that most of my sensory systems were fundamentally bad callibrated. Not only wasn’t I able to say ‘hello’ and state my intentions, I wasn’t even able to find a proper speech pattern to access conceptually. And so I made my first decision on earth and I tried to sing about the problems I faced and was yet unable to describe. It was the first track about my life and I tried to be as loud as I could, to share with the world that I was there. Me and my thoughts were desperate and alone, but who would have thought? A beautiful human family of three was there to embrace my little body, and to adopt my river song. They took me in their life as one of them and it will forever be the wings which make me fly. I had to wait a long time and I had to process many thoughts until I came back to my origin. But here I am, more naive and optimistic then ever, filled with ideas and dreams and an existential drive to engage in them.

But not lets start at the beginning, that wouldn’t be plausible if you’re from the future. So lets start in the middle and tell our way to it, looping around the beginnigs and endings. To make sure we reach the correct middle, we have some fixed parameters. This blog and concept will always have been started in 2020. It is the inflection point for me.

The end is already prepared in form of a picture at the domain Ateo.Me. It is supposed to be the last picture of the first alien actor on earth to be seen. The alien xeo was the origin, and Dominic’s concept about himself was the origin for xeo. The two found two ways to find to each other, and we will see what the future beginning will have been. It is not a pessimistic end, because Ateo tried all their life what so many of us tried. To dream a dream bigger then one’s childish self and the respective abilities. When I will be Ateo, I’ll have been the best version of myself I could think of. It is not flawless for sure and I don’t claim it to be something special at all. Dreams, colors and sound are language for me, just as dancing and design. I did not choose the concept alien. Just as I did not choose to become human. I was given the best chances to become a rich and/or famous human but fate and me cooperated to optimize me for a different idea.

Looking at anyones life, one might ask ‘Would I have done anything different?’ If I am alive I try my best so I can answer this question negative with a clear conscience. But there will always have been too many hours I slept, too many aspects I oversaw, too many excuses I made up, too much weakness I covered with something else. But I’ll never have been able to ignore and suppress these facts just as I was never able to block out that at any given moment there are tears and there is pain on earth. I would never retreat from perceiving their emotional echo, visualizing and auditizing their context and circumstances. Though I wished for it more then once. I hope the resulting life will have caused more good then bad, and if I could do anything different, it would be to do nothing at all if too many should say I shouldn’t have been here in the end. Then I’ll just have been ateo.