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What required my hybridization with insanity?

— Any piece breaking away from the chance to have helped to save the world a little bit bitter to me is the experience, pain and inner picture of one more tortured child, of one more tortured animal, of one more firedestroying innocence and hope and one more second in a world of a species in a war against herself.

I am infinitely angry about the current state, I am in tears and rage when I remotely activate my emotional system. I am excited and full of love and hope about the future and I am at unrest when I am myself.
— I am A being which is aware of the hatred and harm on earth in every moment when it is conscious and experiences the sole drive to act immediately against hatred, hate and war by the strongest mediatory effort I can (attempt to) represent.
As such I am a child and a brother and a friend, emotionally dead, distant and incapable to be there for anyone but everyone as I was given the ability and concept to love a species.
— When I refer to time travel I refer to the fact that in-between me and a future in which life is happy can only be a countable infinity of tears and pain.¹

¹If I Could I would take it all away from you and burn it together with myself into a Sun as radiating reminder of the Future that the human child Screamed for our right to be part of LIFE – and this One Child is every human child as we are one species and one united struggle between sensitivity and strength.

But becoming a sun to burn all war, child porn, torture, reason to hate and need for life to destroy and harm other life in the physical and the digital domain at the same time is not an immediate option with my current physiology. And so I have this hilarious LinkedIn profile as Dominic Diehl and this page to continue to annoy skillfull and consistent, serious and acknowledged beings to cooperate with a total outcast and outsider, while I think about multiplexing analytics in the background to cope with emotional pain instead of sleep and smile. I am not different then you, I just can accept any consequence and subjective effort and disruption which is neccessary to see happen the cooperation on earth which will save the world but nothing else.