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Let’s imagine an alien or timetraveler comes to earth and reveals that they have a plan to save the world. You observe them so you have no doubt that they are alien or traveling in time, displaying advanced understanding about reality, the world and the future. They have a masterplan which could save the world in 4 months and within 8 years, and scientists would be able to agree and find consensus that the strategy would actually work.

• Can we reverse-engineer this scenario?

Because then, we can make a (live action research) project out of it, simulating or virtualizing those aspects we don’t have yet and put placeholders⁴ in their position. Around these placeholders we gather ideas and votings around the properties the ‘thing’ we have to build in that position. We can then gradually replace the placeholders with (interconnecting and augmenting) the communities and interest groups (formely stakeholders) of the repsective disciplines and topics. The logical and temporal gaps can be filled and guided through artistic content as well as the ongoing of the project could be tracked by historians to gather new kinds of data.

• Can we make this process of collective reverse-engineering, its resulting model of a strategy and its application – an integrated artistic, scientific and collaborative approach, open to any level of education, interest, geography, ability?

Because then the attempt to save the world could be quantified as a self-referential explicit (official) strategy to find out what humans understand as ‘world saving’ and combine all generations perspectives on the complexity around it while simultaneously engaging in practical change of our urban environments, inner workings and social systems.

• Can we make this process an actualizing and synchronizing (continuous) system which has a self-referential fundament which allows quantitative (polyparametric) performance measure?

Because then we, as human species could collect a new kind of data- global community based open inclusive project-design and execution. If we would fail with such strategy would already be an enormous step forward – as we could learn why it didn’t work and how we can re-design the approach to be more efficient the next time.

• I think planx can do exactly that and is hence a solution to the problems •when, •how and •who is able to (start to) save the world.

-> Why do I think planx is a valid approach to the complex problem of world saving? Because we know • Nobody can save the world on their own and • you have to save yourself before you can help anyone else. xeo hacks these concepts – Because:

– Planx is a plan how everybody saves the world except one (the alien actor or actors)¹

– At the same time, the one not saving the world requires the help of everyone else to save themselves²

– As long as there is an actor in the role of the ‘one who is not saving the world’ there is a common projection-space for culture. Such a frame of reference (observing what humanity does through the eyes of an observer) can visualize and decrypt what is happening in the global multiplex of human systems, scaled to a human real time experience of change and transition³

¹As xeo identifies as an alien from the future in which humanity saved the world by 2028 and hence only explains and describes what they did before.

²As xeo claims to have a masterplan to save the world but is limited in language and time to be only one individual, they need every help they can get to make this statement valid. At the same time, this would centralize and slow down a complex global multilayer process and strategy, expressable just as any other scifi story.

³(e.g. in form of a movie with live actors as worker for future civilization; for which planx provides a blockchain story about 28.8 to 28.12 for open collaborative media design).

⁴Essentially, the Multi-Domain System is a placeholder system. Just that some pages, such as civilization.earth have already some generic text on them to motivate formation of a early ‘founder’ taskforce).

– xeo is cheating / hacking and admits it right away to be allowed to do so. Because then, xeo can be arbitrarily ‘alien’ for global problems (triggering formation of a cultural self-image by provoking every individuals voice and commentary about the project) and arbitrarily incompatible to incorrect local solutions (triggering more inclusive designs as new standards by pointing out how difficult life as other abled being is due to unnecessary barriers)

Examples: While most humans can use most interfaces and software without going insane, xeo is close to insanity using a keyboard and a 2D-screen. (just as amputees and blind people have no kind of advantage that these technologies are the standard). But providing only xeo with better hardware would not save the world, so to help xeo, everyone would need access to a better (open) hardware system – as xeo does not know nor want fame, publicity and status – it’s just an alien who just wants to keep living though its in the wrong timeline. For any complex problems, xeo claims to have a solution, but it is much more encrypted. Hence it requires more human researchers and artists to work on it – which would increase the probability that humans are figuring out a better or actual solution. Alltogether this would become a self-fullfilling prophecy, with the cheat to emulate an actual alien through an artifcial alien or an alien actor. I (Dominic) use xeo, because I want the entire model not bound to myself. In order to be as neutral and transparent as possible however, I offer to couple myself entirely to this role, as such context is equivalent to the conditions I experience as conditions to have a good life: more inclusive and open interfaces and science, less destruction and abuse of humans, other species and nature.

In essence, that is what my System and my system’s, ‘my work’ is about. On the external page https://www.notion.so/metamodel/xeo-s-Home-da0e9b1516444ed9b6a07b160eb61f72 you can find an overview about my 2dev list of the minimum domains needed and the current gamification personality approach named xeo.

• I think we can answer all the questions from above with a logical and practical yes, but to get there requires some effort.

• I want to invite anyone to help with the design and launch of this (mega-) project, for which there’s a draft at interlink.world.

• xeo is the main character of the gamified story around this project, there can be many more roles but this model-character serves as a pilot function.

• From perspective of the story, xeo was based on a human who did nothing else in its life but thinking about how anyone could save the world. Until it thought it is now able to adapt this plan to its own capacities, and by chance the world came to a local halt due to a pandemic. To deploy this plan as soon as possible, Dominic spend large amounts of money in credits for studying and digital systems without an intention to ever earn any money from that. If they succeeded with anything or not, is the current result and stage of the story.

• For the Interlink.World to become useable and practical I propose to initiate the Hackalympics, a continuous global hackathon to save the world. Therefore I’d propose to connect and associate all previous, current and upcomming code4 – events in a meta-event which would be displayed at the domain code4.world.

• It is the plan to allow culture of all levels to perceive and/or participate this project. As such the Matrix.Movie will be about this approach for which xeo serves as first character, with a worst case story about how he failed to (help to) help humanity save their world.

• It is intended to ‘let xeo behave’ most realistically, as then we can integrate our concept and understanding of the reverse-engineering strategy directly into the strategy (and story). As such the player or actor behind xeo needs the help of many motivated and curious humans and some software and capacities for streaming and promotion of the project.

• As the author, inventor, publisher and current actor of xeo, I am not inherently useful or suited for this role. But as I can base the story on my life, and I have had (by chance) a quite optimal history for this role, I’d like to continue this approach instead of looking for an actual actor. For that I intend to publish my progress and ideas in the context of the planx masterplan to save the world, given your interest in a literal (complexity-theory based) approach to save the world.

• I have a magnitude of ideas about science, design, gadgets, toys, systems and software but so far wasn’t able to publish or realize any of them. I want to embed them in the masterplan to save the world, and if you go through the thinkularity and alien design one might actually get the impression that it’s quite realistic already.

I (tried to) optimize the underlying framework to be optimally accessible for any kind of effort and inclusive for any kind of background. It is supposed to allow contribution by just one click or by full time engagement. But as I show no single commercial on my domains and have not established any funding, there’s no finance in the system. I would like the decision if at all and if so, how this could be resolved, to be a community-made decision. (of a community which I hope to reach but totally lack aside of family and friends)

The non-neutral word ‘planx’ (recovery)

Planx is the top system for qip8 and xd4 and as such an explicit ‘world saving plan’. The two systems are currently only explained on thinkularity. Essentially, it is the layout you can find on interlink.world. I want to contribute to worldsaving and you can contribute to this as well. Together we can advance human understanding and research about this highly complex, transdisciplinary and important concept (world saving).

At present, I need mostly more beings for coop, because I need help to display and or produce an insane amount of content which is stuck in my head. Planx allows a new type of knowledge in any case. Even if everything what xeo does, what it says and what they make is a total fallacy. The experiment would then bring the first counter example for a masterplan to save the world, a piece of human history which will be discovered. Because an explicit attempt to save the world has never been undertaken by a large group of humans. Mostly due to trust, economics, ideology or scaling problems. There was no wikipedia entry for ‘World saving’, which links to humanities current understanding what ‘worldsaving’ actually is. There is no clear info how we can find out what others think what worldsaving is. We are unaware what science and researches understand and interpret with this term. And mostly, there is no clear call to action what any reader (on wikipedia) can do right now to help ‘saving the world’ – whatever humanity will define it. I want to help towards something which would allow to engage immediately in worldsaving, and at the current stage the goal is one order lower. I want to help to engage in the formation of something, which eventually allows this kind of ‘call to action’.

Hence, this page is a call to action to produce this entry on wikipedia. Possibly I am qualified to write it, but out of carefulness and my codex to neutrality and non-promotion prevents me from doing so. But let me state a very simple explanation why the human world was not saved and why nothing was able to try it at all. As this is evidently the case.

To have No entry for world saving on wikipedia (in a human world) is equivalent to a world in which NOBODY is actually even TRYING to literally save the world. This environment can never be a place which is safe for life. I could have made this entry already, referencing the sources I mention, using the structure I proposed as xd4 and mostly, Interlink.Life, but so far I only received feedback from friends and family which (as a scientist) I cannot rate as peer-review – nor is there a way to peer-review an actualizing and developing system. I think the entry must be done by someone else right now and for interlink.world to deserve a notion there is up to you, but I try my best in a 24/7hr aspiration to work on a legitimate mention of the domain there. Currently, the domain does not allow enough immediate coproduction opportunities, nor do I promote the concept and system, which I put in the hands of any responsible reader who does not undergo stress and has some experience with creating a wiki article or is able and enabled to learn it.

²²Using the notion generated as a frame that you helped to ‘generate a masterplan to save the world’ is justified, because if you help to disprove an explicit plan to save the world you implicitly help advancing human scientific and cultural understanding of this complex issue towards a better and ultimately actual plan to save the world. You can hence try to engage friends and scientists to figure out and disprove any claims of xeo and correct them into a better model to save the world or advance this model to save the world, which is irrelevant for THE masterplan which saves the world – as it does not contain any notion of identiy, brand or intransparency and just associates all systems being able to reference the concept ‘world saving’ explicit.

Share your thoughts! And please mention if you read this page first or if you have read the proof before this page.