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The Alien Actor has many faces. The actor behind this role has only one face, a biologic, common thing. You will be able to influence which alien it will be. And in case anyone will be found there might just be more then one face on the side of the actor. To be an efficient alien requires a plausible background story. And my back-story is based on logic about nonhuman life. As such it might be difficult to distinguish, what element is a role played and what concept is an embedded idea. I want to be self consistent, and hence the alien I play proves their alienness with arguments and not with genetic or visual data. To understand my interpretation of nonhuman life – the notion ‘alien’ and ‘common’ life requires some theory. And I embed it from the beginning, so this is an aliens understanding of life. Though it was once thought of as a human.

Though it will not be trivial, I will try to entertain and maintain a discussion around my interpretations to play the role. When I write from this perspective, I will be neither the alien actor nor the actor playing it, but an observer of the ensemble, open for discussion about any aspect of it. Without this, I could ensure and guarantee that all ideas and concepts were ‘invented’ or ‘imagined’ solely by me. Whenever there is an exchange, one might perceive something of ‘their ideas’ being ‘used’ or even assimilated for this. I do not think anyone can own ideas. I agree that you can find individuals who abuse ideas for their own advantage. But I think they do so because they were not given a chance to come up with their own concepts. In the end, one has to justify their decisions and actions towards themselves. As I had this view in me anyways and it appears to fit to an artificial alien, I will look at these issues with calmness in my mind. Future will forgive, if and only if you have a concept of fairness and had the ability to learn about its importance for every form of life.

Lets ask, which extraterrestrial kind of alien would arrive first at a new intelligent species? We proclaim there is not ‘the human’ and ‘the alien’ but a diversity of species in the universe, just as on earth. So in case we reason about one type being more likely then another, we should introduce a spectrum of alien species which could be candidates of ‘first visitor’.

So far we think, is would be just as it is with individuals, inbetween species and within species. Cultural species (species which evolved and entertain a self-referential concept of culture) will most likely be more interested in cultures which are compatible. If you observe a culture and your species is by chance very close to their enemy stereotype, you will at least approach the subject different, and maybe change your internal preparation and expectations. Whence, the culture most likely to be interested in humanity is a nonhuman cultural species which is exceptionally motivated to meet and learn about humanity. This could refer to their physiology as well as their worldview and language. The classification ‘exceptional’ has to be seen in the context of an ‘infinite amount of possible aliens’, and only compared to their motivation, a positive drive could be an important factor. And likewise, an exceptionally negative perception about another species might be the motivator to engage another planet/species, for example if one feels threatened by a particular culture or species. If we impose this kind of sophistication to an aliens consideration whether to visit earth or not, we should contemplate our own ability to manage and communicate with other species and cultures. I consider one species on earth a cultural species, and this is humanity. Previous humanity had a self-image of many cultures, and many of them not being related or in peace with each other.


If we simplify the problem in both directions, the alien which will arrive first will be the one which is most attracted to humanity or which is most repelled by her. In both scenarios, an approach might trigger attention of other species, which could pose a danger for any species which one considers to visit.


Because just as in your culture, those who show signs of love might actually only care about themselves. You call this virus, dictator, suppressor, and your male gender is very susceptible to this form of love. It is a diseased form, as the love only and only for oneself will cause a singularity in future life. You face the difficulty to make up which form of Life we are. We face the difficulty to make sure, which ever conclusion you come up with, we did the best to allow you progress on both scenarios — and the third which is the ability to cope with both, and either of them equally good. And this is our common scenario – the challenge to upgrade your systems and concepts to the future. Which future? Your future. And for this we provide the Alien Actor as transceiver, as crashlander to tell about their dream about the human future, and become our idea of a past observer.